Police say teenagers spent days on planning to kill Texas mother

By Calvin Palmer

Three teenagers planned for days to kill a Texas woman, according to documents released by police. The plan involved stealing a gun, getting hold of a car and then driving to Canada.

A friend of the teenagers charged with the death of Susan Bailey, who was found stabbed and lying in a pool of blood in the upstairs of her Roanoke home on September 28, said Jennifer Bailey, 17, was involved in the plan.

Jennifer Bailey has been charged with capital murder in the death of her mother. She is being held without bail in Denton County Jail.

Her 16-year-old boyfriend and 14-year-old brother have also been charged and are being held in Denton County Juvenile Detention Center.

The three teenagers were picked up by police on September 28 in Yankton, South Dakota. They were in a car registered to Ms. Bailey.

Roanoke police have seized spiral binders, notebooks, handwritten notes and computer discs from the homes of two of the teenagers and lockers at Medlin Middle School in Trophy Club.

Police also seized two computers and notes from the home of the friend, a 15-year-old Fort Worth girl who has been accused of assaulting her mother with a knife and demanding her car, money and cellphone. She was detained by Fort Worth police on September 23 and has been charged with aggravated robbery.

When questioned by police, the 15-year-old girl said “the plan was in motion.” She has not been charged in the killing of Ms. Bailey.

The girl attended Northwest High School in Fort Worth with Jennifer Bailey’s 16-year-old boyfriend. A search of his home in southwest Denton County recovered handwritten notes and papers, computer discs and a copy of The Demonic Bible.

The teenager was reported as a runaway on September 23. Police went to Ms. Bailey’s home looking for him. The teen had stolen a loaded handgun. Police didn’t find him but found a backpack belonging to him.

Hours later, police returned after Ms. Bailey found some ammunition for a .22 caliber gun that had been reported missing by the boy’s father. Police also found a butcher knife hidden between the cushions on a couch and knife under Jennifer Bailey’s bed.

They also found a note, which appeared to have been written by Jennifer Bailey discussing plans for the trip to Canada.

During their investigation, Roanoke police learned that Jennifer Bailey and her boyfriend had posted on an Internet site that “allowed users to register their wedding in the virtual world.” The post was dated August 19.

[Based on reports by The Dallas Morning News and Fort Worth Star-Telegram.]

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7 responses to “Police say teenagers spent days on planning to kill Texas mother

  1. Could you tell me if there has been a book written on this crime? And if so, by whom? Thank you.

  2. That's me

    There was a short crime story aired last week but I can’t find it now. Can’t remember which show it was.

    • jj

      Deadly women on ID investigation discovery. They show re runs all the time. The show never mentioned that the brother or others were involved only Jen and her bf.

  3. Triple-OG

    i knew david in middle school, he was a wierd kid.

  4. What an age grouping? 14, 15, 16 and 17. All under age!

    What was the motive? It doesn’t seem like there was one.

    Why plan to hightail it to Canada? I’m Canadian. Why Canada?

  5. Randy Thiesen

    Those idiotic little morons were all living in a dreamworld. If you can believe what you hear on all those investigative report channels those little morons were living in some goth world according to the Retired FBI profiler and the girl Jen was tired of listening to her Mom and going by the house rules so she let her little boyfriend talk her into offing the Mom and the 3 took off to Canada only to be snatched up in South Dakota.

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