Obama victory means no Christmas lights in Florida

By Calvin Palmer

It was British Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey who said just before the outbreak of the First World War: “The lamps are going out all over Europe; we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime.”
It would appear a similar thing is happening in Florida among Republican supporters, according to Craig Eifert, from Jacksonville, in a letter to The Florida Times-Union.
Craig describes himself as a social and fiscal conservative.  I am not sure why he draws back from saying that he is a supporter of the Republican Party. Maybe he feels the Republican Party is too left wing to represent his interests.
But Craig’s letter ends: “Out of respect for true Americans, their beliefs, my country and my Lutheran religion, I will not light the lights on my Christmas tree or house this year or any year in which Barack Obama remains president of my America.”
I suppose in these difficult times, at least Craig will be cutting his electricity bill for the next few weeks.  And he can look forward to reduced electricity bills from JEA for many Christmases to come.
What Craig fails to grasp is that there is no such thing as “true Americans” or Sarah Palin’s “real Americans.”  There are only Americans.  And those Americans, in the years ahead, are more likely to reject the ideology that people like Craig support.
Greed, self-interest, demonization of opponents and intolerance may well appeal to a certain section of the American electorate but it is a section that is likely to be increasingly marginalized in the future.
Educated people, and the American population is becoming increasingly educated, can see through the lies perpetrated by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin.  The Afro-Americans and Hispanics are not going to fall for their polarizing polemic.
If the Republican Party continues to pander to that section then its appeal is going to be restricted to poor white rural voters.  IIt is unlikely that any future Republican president will be elected on their votes and their votes alone.
And statements by ordinary citizens such as Craig only serve to highlight just how removed they are from mainstream thinking.
It is sad that Craig has fallen for the propaganda, even sadder that The Florida Times-Union should publish this kind of letter but then it, too, has its own agenda on behalf of social and fiscal conservatives.
Whether it is also true that Republican supporter Jack Del Rio, coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, has instructed his team not to win another NFL game while Barack Obama remains president of America is open to conjecture.
Say it isn’t so, Jack.

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2 responses to “Obama victory means no Christmas lights in Florida

  1. John

    That’ll show the incoming President-elect! Don’t celebrate Christmas! Turn out the Christmas lights and sulk like a kid who did not get picked for the stickball team.

    It’s a tough choice for America. Either join the five million folks who will be piling into Washington DC on January 20 or to join Craig’s one-man pity party that will simply make friends and family think that he’s boycotting Jesus’ birthday.

    After all, what did Jesus do? What is up with turning down the joy on Christmas Day when it would make more sense to actually ask the Republicans to behave more like the party of smaller government.

    If the GOP-run Congress had actually reformed the tax system, shrunk the size of government and refrained from pandering to the folks that want to ban flag burning, we would not be entering an Obama administration.

    To steal a thought from Dr. Phil, it would surprise Craig to realize how little other people think of his melodramatic play for attention. Much like the middle school drama queen who is going to lock herself in her bedroom because her parents won’t extend her curfew past 9PM, life goes on in spite of Craig’s little temper tantrum!

  2. AndyP

    Craig Eifert best be careful. If he turns off the Christmas lights and refuses to indulge in the ritual buying of tat that associated with Christmas time, he might get mistaken for an environmentalist! And that’s almost socialist! 😉

    He could then of course invite fellow “socialist” Obama around to share the Christmas turkey…

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