Mother accused of drugging daughter to let boyfriend impregnate the teen

By Calvin Palmer

A Pennsylvania woman has been charged with giving her 13-year-old daughter drugs and alcohol so the woman’s boyfriend could impregnate the girl without her knowing.

Shana Brown, 32, of Uniontown, is no longer able to have children but wanted to have a baby with her current boyfriend, Duane Calloway, said Detective Donald Gmitter.

The pair decided to drug the girl so 40-year-old Calloway could have sex with her.

“There’s some sick people in this case,” Gmitter said.

Brown has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

Calloway faces several counts of attempted rape. He was arrested Wednesday and remains in the Fayette County jail.

The girl told police the plot was apparently hatched sometime in December after she rejected her mother’s proposal that she allow Calloway to impregnate her and then marry him.

In the following months, Calloway tried to rape the girl three times, Gmitter said.

The three attacks occurred in Brown’s home in Uniontown, about 50 miles south of Pittsburgh.

The first time, in February, the girl was alone with Calloway while her mother went out to buy pizza, according to the criminal complaint. Calloway began groping her and she kicked him away, the documents stated.

A few weeks later, the girl believes her mother spiked her Pepsi with rum, according to police. The girl told them she felt ill after drinking the Pepsi, passed out and vomited. She was partially naked when she woke up with Calloway in the room.

The third time occurred in mid-March, when the girl told police she came home early from school because she was not feeling well. She said that her mother forced her to drink tea.

The girl said she pretended she was asleep until Calloway made a move, at which point she bolted upright and he left the room.

A search of the Brown residence revealed an empty rum bottle, Tylenol PM and a pill crusher, police said.

[Based on a report by the Associated Press.]

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