Baby dies after falling out of moving truck

By Calvin Palmer

A one-year-old Texas child was killed today after falling from a moving a F-150 Ford truck as his mother drove through the parking lot of the apartment where they lived.

The boy, whose identity has not been released, was pronounced dead at San Jacinto Methodist Hospital in Baytown.

His mother who tried to leap from the moving vehicle to try to save her son was dragged along the asphalt before being run over by her own truck, Baytown police Lt Roger Clifford said.

She was treated for her injuries at at Ben Taub Hospital in Houston.

“Basically, she panicked when she saw him fall. Then she remembered she still had another child, a year older, inside the moving truck,” said Clifford. “The mother was torn but then decided she must stop the truck.”

She was dragged along the asphalt by the moving truck and then run over by the same back tire that killed her one-year-old son before the truck came to a halt. She then tried to help her son while dialing 911.

“She had been in a hurry when she left that morning at 10:00,” said Clifford.

The accident occurred as she drove through the parking lot of the Oaks of Baytown Apartments on Ward Road.

Police believe the truck door was partially unlatched, opening as she turned a corner, allowing the one-year-old to slide out the door.

Baytown police are investigating whether charges should be filed against the mother.

“We’re still looking into the incident,” Clifford said. “It’s very tragic. But it didn’t need to happen. It wouldn’t have happened if the child had been in his car seat.”

[Based on a report by the Houston Chronicle.]

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