Beyoncé prefers a mall to famous art museum

By Calvin Palmer

Singer Beyoncé lived up to the stereotype of the Texas female by preferring to go shopping rather than visit one of Vienna’s most famous museums.

The Houston-born and raised R&B star had been due to visit the Albertina but sent a look-alike for the personal tour of the museum and went to do some shopping, according to Austria’s tabloid newspapers Ӧsterreich and Heute.

The tour also featured being photographed with the museum’s director, Dr Klaus Albrecht Schröder.

Needless to say the museum feels put out and said it would protest to the star’s management.

“What a cheek,” said Albertina spokeswoman Verena Dahlitz.

“We were a little doubtful yesterday, but weren’t really sure,” said Dahlitz. “It could have been her.”

She added that fans were apparently duped, too.

Ӧsterreich reports Beyoncé’s concert at Vienna’s Stadthalle  met with mixed reviews and was only half full.

Perhaps the look-alike also gave the concert and Beyoncé was in her hotel room watching the Food Channel on cable TV.

The Albertina houses one of the world’s finest art collections. Recent celebrity visitors have included Hollywood stars Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Nicolas Cage.

[Based on a report by AFP news agency.]

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