Driver in attack on Dutch royals dies in hospital

By Calvin Palmer

The driver who yesterday tried to ram a bus carrying Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands but instead careered into spectators, killing five, has died in hospital.

Karst Tates, 38, rammed through two police barricades and sped towards an open top bus carrying members of the royal party.

Beatrix, 71, and other royals either cowered or watched in horror as the black Suzuki car drove through spectators at the Queen’s Day parade in Appeldoorn, 60 miles east of Amsterdam.

His car smashed through railings and careered through crowds of people waiting to see the royals, killing five, injuring 14 and sending others running for their lives before it eventually crashed into a stone monument.

Witnesses said the vehicle was travelling at up to 60 mph and missed the royal bus by less than 15ft.

Pulled from his smashed-up car by police, Tates was arrested and taken to hospital, where he died overnight in an intensive care ward.

He had reportedly lost his job as a security officer a few months ago and was about to be evicted from his apartment in the town of Huissen, near Utrecht, because he could no longer pay the rent.

Ludo Goossens, a justice official, told reporters that at the moment of his arrest, the man had told police that his attack had been aimed at the Dutch royal family. Investigators searched his house to try to establish a motive.

[Based on reports by The Daily Telegraph and The Times.]

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