Zinkhan’s passport found in his Jeep

By Calvin Palmer

Police believe the University of Georgia professor suspected of killing three people is still in the country.

Athens-Clarke County Police Capt. Clarence Holeman confirmed today that George Zinkhan’s passport was found inside his wrecked Jeep Liberty.

The passport was among a number of items police removed on Friday from the vehicle, which had been found the day before in a ravine in a wooded area of Bogart.

Holeman said, “It simply means he can’t fly overseas. He can’t leave the country.”

Zinkhan had bought a Delta Airlines ticket to Amsterdam for a flight on Saturday. Federal agents staked out the gate Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanata, but Zinkhan failed to show.

Zinkhan had a part-time teaching position at Free University in The Netherlands and the school had purchased the ticket for him.

The former professor of marketing is accused of killing his wife, 47-year-old attorney Marie Bruce, and two members of her community theater group, Ben Teague, 63, and Tom Tanner, 40, in front of a theater in Athens.

A nationwide alert has been issued but Zinkhan has not been seen since he dropped his children off at a neighbor’s house after the shooting.

[Based on a report by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution .]

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