Contractor’s financial problems led to murder-suicide of family, say police

By Calvin Palmer

Police today said financial problems drove a California electrical contractor to shoot dead his live-in girlfriend and three-year-old son before killing himself.

Officers were called to an apartment in Orange, 30 miles southeast of Los Angeles, yesterday afternoon and found the bodies of Craig Rubin, 44, and Mary Striley, 42, on beds in separate bedrooms, while the body of their son, Jake, was in a high chair in the kitchen, Sgt  Dan Adams said.

Each one of them had been shot once in the head. Rubin left a suicide note in which he took responsibility for the killings.

The motive is still under investigation , but Rubin had financial problems and both his girlfriend and son had health problems, Adams said. He would not specify the nature of those problems.

The apartment manager called the police after the couple had not moved their cars or answered their phone for days.

A work van marked with “Rubin Electric” was parked outside the apartment.

Rubin and Striley had lived together for four or five years, Adams said.

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