Argument over stolen DVD ends in fatal shooting

By Calvin Palmer

An argument over a stolen DVD led to three men being shot by a Houston homeowner in the front yard of his house last night, resulting in one of them being killed.

The homeowner has been taken into custody and faces murder charges, police said.

The shooting occurred during an argument outside his home on West Knoll around 10:15.

The three men were confronting the homeowner regarding an allegedly stolen DVD in a feud that began on Saturday.

When Brandon Hennington, Michael Robertson and Gregory Cooper arrived at the house, the suspect started shooting his pistol.

Hennington, 27, died of multiple gunshot wounds, police said.

Robertson was grazed on the head and taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital, and Cooper was taken to Ben Taub General Hospital with a leg wound.

[Based on a report by the Houston Chronicle.]

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3 responses to “Argument over stolen DVD ends in fatal shooting

  1. Fernandral Hennington

    The information is not all correct. the Chronicle is not as reliable as we hope.

    • vickki

      I totally agree if you were not thier the media, will spin you until your dizzy. I am just so sad and hurt that a good yound man has lost his life and life some many people mourning his death over such a senseless tradegy. May Brandon rest in peace, no more worries. He is now with Jesus Christ, his savior.

  2. calvininjax

    Please explain.

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