Michigan man held for questioning over death of pensioner in Florence

By Calvin Palmer

A 24-year-old man from Michigan, studying in Florence, Italy, was detained by police today for questioning about the death of an elderly Italian man.

Lead investigator Filippo Ferri said Johnathan Robert Hindenach, 24, of Charlotte, had consumed drugs and alcohol.

Hindenach was found in a quiet Florence street “covered with blood” about 200 yards from where the body of 62-year-old Riccardo Nistri lay in a storefront.

Nistri’s son alerted the police after he tried calling his father on his cell phone and heard an American voice pick up.

Media reports state Nistri was found with two cuts on his neck, possibly caused by shards from a broken mirror or piece of glass.

Hindenach was also wounded in the neck and was said to be in a confused state. He was taken to hospital and then to police headquarters for questioning.

When he left the Grand Hotel Mediterraneo hotel yesterday evening he was heard to shout that he wanted to kill someone.

Ferri said Hindenach had confessed to the crime after police questioned him. He said the man suffered from some type of psychological problems and had cut himself with a broken piece of a mirror after the killing.

After being taken to the hospital, Hindenach was taken to a Florence prison, where he remained in detention pending a hearing to confirm the arrest.

Florence police spokesman Gianpaolo Monastra said Hindenach had been in Italy for 16 days, along with a group of students and teachers on vacation, but not for a study abroad program.

Hindenach is an art major at Olivet College and spent a semester Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan. He was one of eight Olivet College students and a professor taking part in a 16-day overseas art class.

[Based on reports by newsday.com, Il Messaggero and Libero-news.it.]

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5 responses to “Michigan man held for questioning over death of pensioner in Florence

  1. Ookami

    I can’t believe this! I know him! I go to school with him. He eats dinner with me!

  2. Lee

    He went to school at Olivet College not Grandvalley. He was a transfer student.

  3. calvininjax

    Thanks. The correction has been made.

  4. stefan

    che fine ha fatto robert hindenach ? ‘

  5. emanuele nistri

    Ma lo sapete che vi dico? Spero che questo figlio di puttana, che ha ucciso mio padre ed ha rovinato la mia famiglia, ritorni al suo paesello del cazzo in culo al mondo, e dato che i media non fanno altro che dire che questo coglione era un “bravo ragazzo” continui ad ammazzare gente, MA A CASA SUA, cosi facendo anche gli ipocriti che ne hanno parlato bene, avranno il piacere di avere lutti in casa e tragedie familiari, mi riferisci i particolar modo ai suoi familiari, che hanno mandato questo idiota pericoloso dall’altra parte dell’oceano sapendo benissimo che era pericoloso per se stesso ma soprattutto per chi gli stava intorno

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