Deputy shoots teen playing cops and robbers with toy gun

By Calvin Palmer

A 15-year-old boy playing cops and robbers was shot by Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies last night when he pointed a toy gun at them.

Deputy Jeff Gordon said police responded to reports of someone on a bicycle brandishing a handgun in Palmdale, north of Los Angeles.

Deputies spotted the rider and ordered him to drop the weapon but the boy pointed it at them.

 A deputy shot the boy once in the upper torso, said Deputy Ed Hernandez.

“Later on, they determined it was a juvenile playing cops and robbers.” he said.

Gordon said the weapon resembled a black semiautomatic pistol and lacked the orange tip found on most toys to distinguish them from real weapons.

The boys is in stable condition in hospital and is expected to recover. His name has not been released.

[Based on reports by the Los Angeles Times and Associated Press.]

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2 responses to “Deputy shoots teen playing cops and robbers with toy gun

  1. it’s not good to play with guns most especially if it’s a toy and you are already dealing with police. it’s not a joke acting that you are holding a toy gun. if you are really fond of guns, you can play with it in a right place.

  2. Luis Guardado

    Where are his parents?

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