Escaped prisoner’s 27 years of freedom end in Eton

By Calvin Palmer

The long arm of the law finally caught up today with a fugitive who escaped from a Virginia prison in 1982.

Ronald Boucher was serving a 10-year sentence for robbery when he broke free from Chesapeake prison.

The 56-year-old’s 27 years of freedom came to an end this morning when he was arrested at the small town of Eton, population 350, in Murray County, north Georgia.

“Boucher, utilizing the alias name of Eric Coleman, had been living in Murray County for most of the last 27 years,” FBI spokesman Stephen Emmett said.

Boucher’s wife was also arrested. Debbie Boucher, 53, had been living under the assumed name of Debbie Coleman.

Emmett said that both were arrested without incident at their home.

[Based on a report by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.]

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