Guns on campus bill runs out of time

By Calvin Palmer

A bill that would have allowed licensed handgun owners to carry their weapons on campuses at universities and colleges in Texas turned out to be a blank as the first major legislative deadline started killing bills in the state Legislature.

To have any chance of becoming law, the bill had to be debated by midnight Thursday. Sensible minded people throughout the state breathed a sigh of relief when that deadline passed without the bill raising a murmur.

Seventeen states have tried to introduce the handgun measure and all have failed. Only 11 universities throughout the entire United States permit handguns on campus.

Thankfully, Texas universities will not be joining that misguided elite.

“What do you get when you put bread in an oven? Toast,” said Rep. Joe Driver, R-Garland, sponsor of the handgun bill.

What do you get when you put a right-wing bigot in political office? Rep. Joe Driver, R-Garland.

Other bills to fall by the wayside included casino gambling; legalizing poker games at horse and dog tracks; and hands-free cell phones in cars.

The bill to ban trans fat in restaurants might get a second life since it has passed the Senate and could still be heard in the House.

Its sponsor  Rep. Carol Alvarado, D-Houston, , noting the Senate bill deadline is next week, said: “I got a little more time with the Senate version.”

[Based on a report by the Houston Chronicle.]

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One response to “Guns on campus bill runs out of time

  1. Actually, this is inaccurate–unfortunately. There’s still a chance the Senate version could be passed through the Senate this week. It then goes to the House floor all over again and has to go through the whole process there before the end of the session, June 1st. It’s somewhat unlikely, but the NRA is twisting some serious arms.

    The point is–keep calling.

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