Sex theme park fails to arouse Chinese officials

By Calvin Palmer

China’s Communist Party leaders were just not in the mood for the country’s first sex theme park. Before it even had chance to open to the public, the bulldozers moved in.

Love Land was due to open in October in the southwestern city of Chongqing but the government deemed it an “evil influence”.

Today the rotating sign straddled by a giant pair of women’s legs fell victim the wrecker’s ball.

The park had been due to feature displays of giant genitalia and a photographic exhibition on the history of sex. It had promised workshops to help visitors improve their sexual technique and advise on safe sex.

But pictures of the theme park in the media did not amuse officials and the park’s fate was sealed after a tour of inspection.

One city propaganda official said: “The investigation determined the park’s content was vulgar and that it was neither healthy nor educational. It had an evil influence on society and had to be torn down immediately.”

He Shizhong, head of the municipal publicity department, said the company behind the park had “ignored its social responsibility and was interested only in profiting from sensationalism”.

“It’s a pity the park had to close, but we accept the decision,” said Yang Xiaoyong, a project manager with Mexin Group, the developer of Yangrenjie.

The park was part of an entertainment development costing the equivalent of $153 million ((£100 million).

[Based on reports by The Times and The Guardian.]

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