Texas man stung by 200 bees

By Calvin Palmer

A 74-year-old Texas man is in hospital after being stung by more than 200 bees while mowing his yard.

Harold Braun, of Waco, was riding a lawn mower in the front yard of his home yesterday afternoon when he ran over an area covered by a rubber mat and disturbed the swarm of bees.

His brother Al Braun, 72, said Harold phoned him and said “Hurry up! These bees are all over me.”

Al called the police on his way over. Police and paramedics arrived within four minutes.

Paramedics removed 153 stingers out of Harold’s face and arms before taking him to Hill Crest Baptist Medical Center. More stingers were removed at the hospital.

Harold was in a stable condition today, according to a hospital spokesman.

An exterminator later determined that the bees were a hybrid breed of domestic and Africanized, so-called “killer” bees.

[Based on a report by the Waco Tribune-Herald and newsday.com.]

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