Angry crowd greets triple murder suspect outside court

By Calvin Palmer

An angry crowd of some 25 people gathered outside Monroe County courtroom in southwest Illinois this morning and jeered as murder suspect Christopher Coleman was led in.

Coleman, 32, of Columbiapleaded not guilty to three counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of Sheri Coleman, 31, and his two sons 11-year-old Garet and nine-year-old Gavin. All three were found dead in their home on May 5.

Visiting judge Stephen Rice set a preliminary hearing for June 10.

Coleman’s attorney, William Margulis, refused to discuss anything relating to a possible death penalty.

“My client, Mr. Coleman, maintains his innocence and we’ll play this out,” Margulis said.

He told reporters he would likely seek to move the trial out of Monroe County.

Coleman was arrested last night at his parents’ home in Chester, about 40 miles from Columbia.

After the arrest, Maj Jeff Connor of the Major Case Squad of Greater St. Louis said all three victims had been strangled with some type of wire, rope or cord.

When Coleman was led back to be returned to the Monroe County Jail, onlookers continued their taunts. One shouted, “Hell’s too good for you.”

[Based on reports by the Belleville News-Democrat and Associated Press.]

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5 responses to “Angry crowd greets triple murder suspect outside court

  1. How many times do we have to read of stories like this? What is with these men? Haven’t they heard of divorce court? If they’re bored with their wife and kids, there are other options. How sick and selfish do they have to be to commit such horrific acts? To any other sociopath that’s thinking of repeating this act, remember Scott Peterson, Drew Peterson, Cristian Longo, and the list goes on and on. Whether it takes a few days for the law to catch up with them or a few years like the green baret guy from the 60s or even 20t years like that middle aged man from the 60s/70s (the facts escape me on that one). Especially today with DNA and all of the sophisticated new tools investigators can now use it’s very unlikely to get away with anything. If that doesn’t stop you. Know that 1 day there will be a judgement day. If you don’t believe and are willing to take your chances go ahead, if you’re capable of doing it you’ll get exactly what you deserve, and not for a few minutes, hours, days or weeks but for eternity.
    I’m sure Scott Peterson kicks himself everyday, when he thinks about he could easily be sititing back enjoying all his mistresses, porno and whatever else feeds his sick needs, if he had only done the normal thing and left his wife and baby and gotten a divorce. Instead he faces years in prison till his day comes and he faces the same sentence he gave them; death.

  2. Kimberly Hughes

    I served with Sheri in the USAF. God bless her family. I truly hope Chris asks for forgiveness and God Bless his soul. I am sadden that her husband selfishness got the best of him. It is awful that he is one of my service members. This is not what we learn when being highly trained to serve this amazing country. Capital Murder x2 and seek the Death Penalty.

  3. Glen P

    Wow, really some bloodthirsty “Christians” responding to this. I don’t remember ever reading where Jesus clamored for the death penalty like these folks are doing. This guy hasn’t even been to trial yet. What if he is innocent and you “Christians” went ahead and lynched him which is what you seem to by crying for? I think you might have some explaining to do yourself on judgement day. You Christians may say you are following Jesus, but methinks, none too close.

  4. just me

    Well, this guy is one sicko and I thought from the beginning he did it. How can you kill your wife and children…just soooooo sick. Only God can deal with a scum like this and I am sure he will.

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