Father charged with murdering wife and two young sons

By Calvin Palmer

Police last night arrested a southwest Illinois man and charged him with murdering his wife and two young children.

Maj Jeff Connor with the Major Case Squad of Greater St. Louis says Chris Coleman, 32, of Columbia, was arrested and charged with three counts of first-degree murder after investigators learned of critical evidence.

Connor would not specify whether it was completely new evidence or forensic information from previous evidence.

Investigators recovered a glove with red spray paint on a median along Interstate 255, the route Coleman would have taken to the gym.

A similar color paint was used by the killer to scrawl a message on a wall in the Coleman home. The message said something to the effect of, “I told you this would happen”.

Sheri Coleman, 31, and sons Garett, 11, and Gavin 9, were found dead in their bedrooms at home in Columbia on May 5.

Connor confirmed that the three died of ligature strangulation.

Coleman told police he was working out at a gym in St. Louis County on May 5 when his wife and children were killed in their home on Robert Avenue, sometime between 5:45 and 7:00 a.m.

Police discovered the bodies after Coleman asked them to perform a wellness check when he reported he could not contact his family by phone.

Coleman is being held at Monroe County Jail without bond. He is due to appear before a until judge today.

Before the announcement of the arrest, Sheri Coleman’s brother, Mario Weiss, issued a statement on behalf of himself and their parents thanking the Major Case Squad and urging state’s attorney to move forward and seek the truth.

He said his sister and her sons were “my heart, my soul, my pride and joy”.

[Based on reports by the St Louis Post-Dispatch and Associated Press.]

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2 responses to “Father charged with murdering wife and two young sons

  1. onthuhlist

    You can see Chris Coleman mowing his yard from the air. Go to maps.live.com, search for Chris Coleman’s address (2854 Robert Drive, columbia, IL), then click on ‘Bird’s Eye’ view and zoom in. Then hit one of the ‘Rotate’ buttons. In two views, you’ll see the family trampoline next to the house, and Chris Coleman in the back yard mowing. In the other two views, you’ll see the trampoline out in the middle of the yard after Chris had finished mowing the yard.

  2. Sylvia-Marsha

    It is very troubling that an individual could strangle is wife and children while they lay sleeping in their beds when he could have simply walked away from the marriage instead of murdering innocent children and a defenseless woman. This guy is a coward. I hope that the media will restrain themselves and allow justice to prevail. We should not give the defense anything to hang their hat on in order to give this guy a chance to walk free.

    There are a number of Chris Coleman like individuals running around out their and I am prayerful that my daughter will not ultimately end up with the likes of Chris Coleman, Scott Peterson, Mark Hacking, Drew Peterson and Michael Peterson, as well as countless others who have taken the life of their families rather than divorce the wife and move on. We can now position ourselves to allow justice to take its course.
    I am praying for the family of Sheri and I hope that Chris’ parents will encourage him to do the right thing and tell the truth as not to put them and Sheri’s family through a trial where the defense will do almost anything short of suborning perjury I will be happy when layers on both sides decide that truth is what matters.

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