Guns on college campus bill passes in Texas Senate

By Calvin Palmer

A bill to allow Texas college students and employees to carry concealed handguns on campus passed in the Senate today on a 19-12 vote.

Students would have to be at least 21 years old and licensed to carry a concealed handgun. University hospitals and athletic facilities would remain off limits to guns.

Why? I mean you either have guns on campus or you do not. Those exemptions are bit like saying guns are not allowed in chemistry classes.

The bill applies to all universities and colleges in the state but private institutions would be able to opt out.

Sen Jeff Wentworth, R-San Antonio, said he introduced the bill because of the 2007 massacre at Virginia Tech, where he said victims were “picked off like sitting ducks.”

They would not have been had Dick Cheney been firing the gun.

“I would feel personally guilty if I woke up one morning and read that something similar had occurred on a Texas campus,” Wentworth said.

I doubt he has ever felt guilty in his whole life. But there was that incident with the rubber duck and stick of celery. No.  He even laughed that off as being good ol’ boy high spirits.

The Republican dictionary goes from “guillotine” to “guinea”. That probably explains why they do not understand the meaning of guilt. The Republican big g-word is greed.

If the Senate gives the bill final approval — which could happen today — the controversial measure could go back to the House, where it died last week because lawmakers did not make the deadline to debate it.

However, legislative rules do allow House lawmakers to take up the Senate version if they do it before midnight Tuesday.

Exactly half of the House members, 75 of 150, have signed on as supporters of the bill, a legislative priority of the Texas State Rifle Association, an affiliate of the National Rifle Association.

Only 11 U.S. universities allow handguns on campus.

I would have thought that might have told the Republican supporters something. But Republicans do have a difficulty in joining up the dots. They also have trouble expressing themselves in spoken English.

“If someone wants to protect themselves, they should be guaranteed that right whether they are on a college campus,” said Katie Kasprzak, a recent graduate of Texas State University, who testified in favor of the bill before legislative committees.

Whether they are on a college campus?

If Kasprzak is the result of four years spent at Texas State University, I would advise parents to send their children elsewhere.

But just when you start to think that the utterances of Kasprzak and Wentworth must mean all Texans are morons, along comes a voice of reason to prove that it just some Texans who are either mentally challenged or still living in the 18th Century.

Sen Rodney Ellis, D-Houston, said: “When there is an alcohol-related tragedy on campus, you don’t hear claims that giving students a 12-pack is the solution.

“Yet, when it comes to gun-related incidents, we seem to think that putting more guns in the mix will lead to a good, rather than bloody outcome.”

Well said, Rodney, old chap.

[Based on a report by the Houston Chronicle.]

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