Intruder murders couple and unborn child at beachfront home

By Calvin Palmer

Police believe the murder of a Californian couple and their unborn child at their multi-million dollar beach front home may be a random killing.

Brock Husted, 42, and his five months pregnant wife, Davina, also 42, were stabbed multiple times by an intruder at their home overlooking Faria Beach last  night, sheriff’s Capt Ross Bonfiglio said.

The couple’s nine-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter were unharmed.

The intruder dressed in black and wearing a motorcycle helmet was confronted by Davinia in the kitchen. He attacked her and then her husband when he came to investigate the noise.

The nine-year-old boy saw the intruder and fled to another part of the house and later found his parents’ bodies. His sister was asleep in another room.

After the attacks, the boy and his sister ran to a neighbor’s house.

There’s no answers as to why this happened,” said Scott Husted, Brock’s brother. “It’s a horrible situation and there’s a killer out there that killed a man and his wife — his pregnant wife — with two small children in the home.”

Investigators believe the killer was not known to the family, Bonfiglio said.

Husted and his wife grew up in Ventura County. He owned a wrought-iron company in Santa Barbara and had recently put the family’s home up for sale to prepare for their new baby, family friends said.

[Based on reports by the Los Angeles Times and]

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