Judge hands cancer boy back to parents after they agree to chemotherapy

By Calvin Palmer

On the understanding that the parents of a 13-year-old Minnesota know he needs chemotherapy to save his life, a judge today transferred custody back to them.

Daniel Hauser was placed in the custody of Brown County since his parents, Anthony and Colleen Hauser, stopped his treatment after one round of chemotherapy.

Daniel fled to California with his mother Colleen Hauser before returning yesterday.

Brown County District Judge John Rodenberg ordered the Hausers to follow the chemotherapy regimen ordered by Minneapolis Children’s Hospital.

The boy’s lawyer, Phillip Elbert, said Daniel “is willing to start chemotherapy one round at a time and wants to be consulted before and after”.

Brown County Attorney James Olson objected to the custody switch: “I am concerned that if Daniel doesn’t like the second round of chemo, he’s not going to go do it. He’s going to run away and we’ll be right back where we are.”

Olson said there is “an issue of trust”.

Daniel has Hodgkin’s lymphoma and tumor has grown outside the chest wall, according to doctors who saw him yesterday.

Calvin Johnson, an attorney for the teen’s parents, said Daniel was in the company of Brown County child protection workers when had his three-hour evaluation at a Twin Cities hospital.

Hodgkin’s lymphoma was diagnosed in Daniel in January, and a Brown County judge ordered him into medical treatment earlier this month after his parents ceased his chemotherapy, citing religious and other objections. Doctors have testified that the boy has a 90 to 95 percent chance of surviving if he receives a recommended course of chemotherapy but only a 5 percent chance if he does not.

The Hausers, who have eight children, are Roman Catholic but also believe in the “do no harm” philosophy of the Nemenhah Band, a Missouri-based religious group that believes in natural healing methods advocated by some American Indians.

[Based on a report by the Minneapolis Star Tribune.]

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