Pregnant teen ‘paid man $150 for beating to get rid of baby’

By Calvin Palmer

A seven months pregnant 17-year-old allegedly paid a man to beat her up and cause a miscarriage because she feared losing her boyfriend if she did not get rid of the baby.

The girl, from Naples, Utah, appeared in court yesterday charged with criminal solicitation to commit murder and was ordered to remain in a juvenile detention center.

Prosecutors say the girl paid Arron Harrison, 21, of Naples, $150 to beat her up. Harrison is charged with attempted murder.

According to court documents, the beating occurred on May 20 at Harrison’s home.

The girl initially told police she was out walking after an argument with her boyfriend when she was attacked by a stranger. Her jacket and a shoe were missing when her parents picked her up. She had a bite mark on her throat and stomach along with several bruises.

It was only when police tried to take a saliva sample from the girl’s neck that she admitted her boyfriend has said he would break up with her unless she “got rid of” the baby.

She said she met Harrison on the street and did not know him before the meeting. She asked him if he believed in God and abortion and if he would help her “terminate the baby”.

Harrison invited her into his home. She lay on the bed and asked him to turn off the lights. He punched her in the stomach five times, slapped her face and bit her neck. She told police that she wanted it to look like an accident or assault.

She gave Harrison $150 and left.

Police took the girl to hospital and the fetus was found to be all right. The girl was kept at the hospital and a mental health worker called in after she threatened to kill herself.

Harrison told police the girl tried to kiss him several times when they outside the house.  He said he bit her on the neck and then punched her in the stomach accidentally while trying to get away. After she kept coming after him, he pushed her in the stomach and she fell down on the front doorsteps.

He later admitted to investigators he knew the girl was trying to kill the baby, and that he hit her in the stomach to help her.

At first he denied taking payment from the girl, but later said he felt bad about accepting the money and threw it into a canal.

[Based on reports by the Associated Press and The Salt Lake Tribune.]

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2 responses to “Pregnant teen ‘paid man $150 for beating to get rid of baby’

  1. Omg I may be late but, wow… I can’t believe this… very shocking.

  2. Matt

    This is horrible. I am really glad the rate of teen pregnancies and abortion are going down. I can’t imagine what goes through a young womens mind when she finds out she is pregnant and the boy who is also responsible doesn’t take any responsibility. I feel for this teen because that is a lot to deal with. Sadly this will be going through her mind for the rest of her life even after the boyfriend is long and gone.

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