Two murderers walk out of prison wearing guard uniforms

By Calvin Palmer

Police are searching for two convicted murderers who walked out of an Arkansas prison wearing prison guard uniforms.

Jeffrey Grinder, 32, and Calvin Adams, 39, escaped yesterday evening from the Cummins Unit prison in Grady, corrections department spokeswoman Dina Tyler said.

Both men were serving life sentences without parole.

The guard uniforms used by the prisoners are made in the prison, which is about 60 miles southeast of Little Rock.

Video surveillance shows the men put them on in the prison library after the 6:00 p.m. headcount and walked out of the prison during a shift change less than 20 minutes later, Tyler said.

“Someone should have laid eyes on them. That’s one of the things we’re looking at: How exactly did they get out without someone challenging them?” Tyler said.

The men were not discovered missing until the 10:00 p.m. headcount.

Grinder and Adams drove away in a maroon or burgundy colored, four-door sedan that had been left for them.

Grinder was convicted of capital murder in 2004, and Adams was convicted of capital murder in 1995. Both men have family in Arkansas and out of state.

“We think there’s probably a pretty good chance that they are not in Arkansas,” she said.

[Based on a report by the Associated Press.]

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2 responses to “Two murderers walk out of prison wearing guard uniforms

  1. I cannot believe Grinder of all the inmates pulled this !!!! I know him from when I once worked at the Max where he once was at and he was a no problem inmate. All I can say is you did it this time but you probably wont make to Max this time looks like your headed to Super Max all I can say is why in the world would he do this he seemed to be handling his time well and as of for the officers how could they miss that there is only one front entrance gate you can go in and out of and to get past the control booth it is smaller then a small hallway so someone was not doing there job and as of officer uniforms all I can say is however they got them it is hard to believe that a blue uniform did not stand out when everything in there is white from the towels, sheets, clothes and underwear, they are not allowed to have anything with color any kind of color so that’s all I can say. Grinder you really did it this time bless you I feel for you when they catch you and you go to Super Max because then time is going to be really hard. People need to really look more on what goes on in Arkansas Dept of Corrections and see what is really going on. This did not happen during a shift change this happened in daylight hours and was caught during count. Someone is not telling the truth again about what really happened i’m serious when I say someone really needs to llok at a lot of things that goes on in the Arkansas Dept of Corrections.

  2. turtle

    Life without parole would be just as an effective deterrent as the death penalty. The offender would never get out of prison to kill again.

    Wait… What?

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