Five guards placed on leave after ‘inexcusable’ prison escape

By Calvin Palmer

Five guards at a high-security prison in Arkansas were placed on leave today following the escape of two convicted killers.

Jeffrey Grinder, 32, and Calvin Adams, 39, walked out of Cummins Unit, in Grady, on Friday, wearing prison guard uniforms that are made at the prison.

The five correction officers have been placed on leave while the escape is investigated, Correction Department spokeswoman Dina Tyler said.

She would not name the five officers but said they had been guarding the entry and exit points of the prison.

Grinder and Adams, both serving life without parole for capital murder, have been seen in Missouri and later in Michigan, where one of them has relatives.

Gov Mike Beebe called the escape “inexcusable” and said he was waiting on the department’s investigation into how it occurred.

“We don’t know whether it was a breakdown at the gate where they left, we don’t know if it’s a breakdown with whoever was watching the cameras, we don’t know whether it was a breakdown within the library. We don’t know how much of it was inside in terms of cooperation,” Beebe said.

Video surveillance shows the men put on the uniforms in the prison library after a 6:00 p.m. headcount and walked out of the prison unchallenged during a shift change soon afterward, Tyler said. They were discovered missing at the 10:00 p.m. head count.

Grinder and Adams drove away in a car that was left for them. Authorities are trying to find out who left the car.

[Based on a report by the Associated Press.]

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2 responses to “Five guards placed on leave after ‘inexcusable’ prison escape

  1. Ryse

    If the two walked out in CO uniforms, how does the fault or blame lay with those that were guarding the entry and exit points? Cummins has what, 1600 inmates? How in the world are they supposed to know who the inmates are? How are they even supposed to know who worked on the outgoing shift? It is a disgrace when the big and all powerful ADC, instead of pointing the finger at it’s own face, instead points the finger on officer’s who otherwise do a very fine job at keeping us safe. But, I guess that’s just my 2 cents.

  2. Aley

    My husband works at cummins and apparently the two inmates left a few minutes after he did. I think that the people guarding the door are partly at fault. There is usually a capton guarding the door, he wasn’t there that day. They should check ID’s as employees walk out the door. I can’t believe they are just now starting to do it. The warden should be fired. He should take the blame. Come on, they should’ve been checking ID’s from the beginning. The people at the front office just stand around talking, they should do their job.

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