Man accused of sexually assaulting unconscious woman live on Web site

By Calvin Palmer

A Phoenix man has been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting his girlfriend as she lay unconscious and broadcasting the sexual assault live on the Internet.

Jonathan Hock, 20, set up the webcam built into his laptop and the sexual assault took place on February 26 at about 5:00 the woman’s bedroom, according to a court document.

Hock had known her for less than a month and she had reportedly passed out from drinking and been unconscious for up to six hours.

The woman told Phoenix police she became aware of the assault after friends text messaged her about the video. She then found pictures on the Web site of Hock lying next to her as she was asleep and naked from the waist down.

Police issued a search warrant for the video hosting Web site’s content to try to obtain the live video of the assault. In the video, Hock reportedly made comments about him being able to commit the assault without her knowledge while he performed various sexual acts.

After viewing the five-minute video, Phoenix police arrested Hock and booked him on two counts of sexual assault, one count of kidnapping and one count of taking a surreptitious photo.

[Based on reports by The Arizona Republic and Associated Press.]

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One response to “Man accused of sexually assaulting unconscious woman live on Web site

  1. VCDaedalus

    It’s a guy thing. Women just don’t understand a man’s needs.

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