Sheriff accused of drug trafficking keeps his job and salary

By Calvin Palmer

A southern Illinois county sheriff may not be above the law but it would appear he is answerable to no one.

Gallatin County Sheriff Raymond Martin is facing drug trafficking and firearm charges and yet he is allowed to keep his job and draw his $40,440 annual salary.

Martin was indicted yesterday by a federal grand jury in Benton after he was arrested by federal agents last month on three counts of marijuana distribution and two counts of carrying a firearm – his service weapon – while trafficking drugs.

County Board Chairman Randy Drone said today that Martin, as an elected official, was legally entitled to keep his job and collect his salary “until he resigns or is convicted”.

How about Martin being suspended without pay until the process of law has been served or being fired for bringing the office of county sheriff into disrepute?

No wonder people want to get elected as sheriff.

[Based on a report by the Associated Press.]

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12 responses to “Sheriff accused of drug trafficking keeps his job and salary

  1. Even Sheriff Roscoe P Coltrane wouldn’t have got away with that in Hazard County despite the help of Boss Hogg. Kook-yook, damn those pesky Duke boys etc… Unbelievable.

    • Born Again

      America needs some more really good clean cut TV shows like Dukes of Hazard right now. Why do you have to make fun of everything good about America? You are coming right off my prayer list.

  2. zelda

    hahahahahahaha…….off the prayer list eh born Again? hahahahahahahah…………..

  3. Hey I’m a big fan of the Dukes of Hazard. I remember them as a kid in the late 70s in the UK. I now have the box set DVDs! But it wasn’t that clean cut with Miss Daisy wandering around with very little on. That red bikini in the first season in particular. No wonder Enos was distracted. 😉

  4. I’m just a good ol’ boy, never meaning no harm etc.
    But unlike the Dukes I’ve never been in trouble with the law since the day I was born.

  5. Born Again

    Our Deaconate had a hard time putting Dukes of Hazard on our approved viewing list because of Daisy Duke’s attire. I pointed out that she never was in a premarital affair even though she was a young, healthy, attractive woman so behind the scenes she must have been attending a Bible Believing church. Also, the Dukes never broke a law of God. The deaconate saw the wisdom in my argument and now we can watch it. This is really good entertainment. I’m glad you like it too. Andy, you are making it really hard for me. I keep putting you on and taking you off the prayer list. People are talking here.

    Love in Jesus

  6. I think this should be on the essential approved viewing list…

    He’s not perfect but a fine speech and a step in the right direction for world peace and uniting Christian and Muslim under a common theme of love and respect rather than intolerance and hatred.

    And as for making it hard for yourself well you have two options. Consider it your cross to bear, or a hardship to endure like the 40 days and 40 nights in the wilderness. Or probably more constructive for both of us – permanently remove me from the prayer list! I never asked to be put on it!

    • Born Again


      When I think of you I am reminded of my life’s work, Isaiah 40:3, “Make straight in the desert a highway for our God.” I have to witness to you. I am compelled to do so.

      I know I am not so witty or funny but I was making a little joke about taking you off the prayer list and “people talking” here. I am trying to work on my sense of humor. Needs a lot of work though. Not a lot of joking around here. I was watching some more TV shows as I am the reviewer for our congregation. I watched a show called Seinfeld and that’s where I got the line “people are talking.” Much more funny when they say it. Anyway, you’ll always be on the prayer list.

      One thing though – although you are not American doesn’t it bother you that Barak Obama is a Muslim? I don’t have anything against coloreds but really hard to accept a Muslim President of the USA. We’re a Christian Nation pure and simple. Surely, we can agree on that.

      Love in Jesus

  7. Born Again

    I just found out Seinfeld is a Jew. I didn’t know Jews were so funny.

  8. Firstly I don’t think Barack Obama is a Muslim, but his father was. Secondly no it wouldn’t bother me even if he was, why should it? I managed a small team for 3 years. My co-workers were a Muslim and a Sikh. Both British born but with ancestry in Bangladesh and India. Both very intelligent, both hard working, both strong family men, both decent human beings who I was proud to call friends as well as colleagues. We had some interesting debates, always friendly, always respectful, and usually met with consensus. If you study what the Islamic faith is about (and not just the fanatical maniacs hell bent on killing – because they are NOT TRUE Muslims) you will find much you would approve of. Take my Muslim colleague. He never swears or uses blasphemous language, has never drank alcohol, has never entered into a bar or place that serves alcohol, wears modest clothes, is married to his only partner, had his children in wedlock, condemns violence, is as honest as the day is long, and believes in peace, love and fairness. He is a better person than I am. He is a far better person than the majority of “Christians” in that city who spend their evenings half undressed, drunk and disorderly in the streets getting up to all sorts in secluded places, starting fights and being a burden to society and the law enforcers.

    Christianity, Judaism and Islam are very closely linked. They are chapters of the same story. The basic beliefs around what’s good right and proper are pretty much the same in all the major religions. The bible says “thou shalt not kill”, the Koran says that “killing one man is like killing mankind, but saving one man is like saving all mankind”. Different ways of saying the same thing. I had the honour of attending a Sikh temple for my colleague’s son’s 18th birthday ceremony. I researched their beliefs and customs beforehand and I found much of interest and comfort there too. Sentiments I whole-heartedly agree with.

    I have been lucky to travel around the world and one of my criticisms of the majority of Americans is that they do not travel enough. Many do not leave their own state, or even county. Travel broadens the mind, exposes you to different cultures, views, religions and experiences, it opens one’s eyes. But you come to the same conclusion – people are basically the same and have the same needs the world over. They differ about how those needs are fulfilled, but I am not qualified to tell them whether their way is the right way or wrong way. As long as actions are good, peaceful and kind I will have no complaints.

    As for your final point about the US nation. I would paraphrase Obama here. I think there is no white America, or Black America, no Christian America, or Muslim or Jewish America. There is the UNITED States of America. Where I come from our city motto in Latin is Vis Unita Fortior which can be translated as: United Strength is Stronger. There is a lot to be said for that.

  9. Born Again


    But what about Jerry Seinfeld? Are all all those people on that show Jews? Can’t figure that out. They are really funny. You’ve traveled all around the world. Are all Jews you met funny like that? Also, how do you know a Jew when you see one? I don’t think I’ve ever met a Jew. I think I want to meet some Jews.

    Love in Jesus

  10. Born Again


    Maybe you didn’t know but Jeff Goldblum is a jew too! I saw him in Independance Day, that movie about aliens invading Earth. I didn’t know there were so many funny jews. Bob Sacket too! … now that is a funny man. Harrison Ford is a jew too! I can’t beieve that. I thought for sure he was a good Christian. Here was the total #1 surprise for me, Olivia Newton John is a jew too. I thought she was Australian but still she was the greatest in Grease. I found out some people who are Arabs too that surprised me, Kristy McNicol of “Head of the Class” and Senator John Sununu, now that’s a real American patriot. Can’t believe he is an Arab. A little confused about Paula Abdul though, … she’s an Arab Jew? How can that be? I thought she was a Mexican or maybe 1/2 Mexican and 1/2 Negroe because she dances so good. I’m really learning a lot on the internet. Andy, you’re right, these real Arabs don’t sound so bad even if they’re not Bible Believing Christians.

    Love in Jesus

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