The beat stops for Bongo

By Calvin Palmer

The President of Gabon, Omar Bongo, Africa’s longest-serving leader, died today of a heart attack in a Spanish clinic.

He died at the Quiron clinic in Barcelona, according to a statement issued at the hospital by Jean Eyeghe Ndong, Gabon’s prime minister.

Bongo, 73, had held the reins of power in the oil-rich central African nation for more than four decades.

“Throughout his political career, President Bongo always cultivated unity and cohesion among the Gabonese people,” Ndong said, announcing 30 days of national mourning.

I guess bongo drums will fall silent throughout the world as a mark of respect.

Anyone following the link below please note the sloppiness that has pervaded The Telegraph’s story and its Web Page.

The story refers to “Mr Gabon” and across the page under Editor’s Choice, just marvel at the heading “Omar Bongo: an African tyant”.

Some months ago I offered my services as a “virtual stone-sub” to The Telegraph and was informed the newspaper had just laid off several editorial people.

Sadly, it is starting to show.  Those lay-offs could well amount to a false economy, as editorial standards fall even further.

Should anyone at The Telegraph happen to read this post, my offer still stands.

[Based on a report by The Daily Telegraph.]

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2 responses to “The beat stops for Bongo

  1. Glen P

    If the opposition VP candidate, Sara Palin, didn’t know Africa is a continent rather than a country why should we expect some inbred, neocon, cracker, “journalists” from backwater Florida from knowing anything about Africa either? I’ve worked in Africa and Gabon is one of the relative isles of calm. Also, Bongo may have been corrupt but he did promote and sustain stability which is no small task in any African country. Finally, if Bongo was such a “tyrant” why did George W. Bush have Bongo over to a reportedly friendly meeting at the Oval office in 2004? It’s no wonder Americans are so ethnocentric. The crap that’s thrown on their porch every morning to read sure doesn’t help.

  2. OS

    Great headline, Calvin. 😉


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