Briton held in ‘nightmare’ Philippines prison

By Calvin Palmer

A Briton has been held in the Philippines without charge since his arrest last month.

Kevin Taylor, 43, from Swindon, has been accused of defrauding job seekers with promises of employment overseas.

The father of two was arrested on May 15 and is being held in the Camp Crame prison in Manila.

He denies the crime but fears his heavily pregnant wife Charlene Taylor, 30, who is living in Manila with their two children, may also face charges and be jailed.

Taylor has spent thousands of pounds on legal fees in the Philippines and had to sell everything to fight the legal battle.

Another Swindon man, who was jailed in the Philippines for adultery last year, wants to help.

“There are few things in life scarier than the blood and urine stained cells in Manila,” said 37-year-old David Scott. “I really feel for Kevin, but I am determined to help him. When I was stuck out there loads of people helped me to escape, including ex-prisoners, journalists and charity organizations.

“I feel now is my chance to pay it back. The first thing I would do is urge the parents to contact me because we need to raise money, and lots of it.

“Without money you are a gonner. It is the only thing that kept me going in there.

“His wife needs to get out of the country, especially if she is pregnant. The guards will use her as a bargaining chip.”

Scott was only in jail for six days before he was eventually bailed by the Philippine authorities and fled to Thailand before flying back to the UK.

“I know how scary and horrible it can be in there – it’s like your worst nightmare, and I was only there for six days. I can’t imagine more than 20 days.”

[Based on a report by the Swindon Advertiser.]

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4 responses to “Briton held in ‘nightmare’ Philippines prison

  1. Hi…thanks for linking my blog to your blog. I hope through you I maybe able to get some people to help me and Kevin. Right now, we really need assistance from people as Kevin and I don’t have funds to get a lawyer and he is really in need of medical treatment which we both cannot afford.
    If you need more details about his case profile you can email me so I can send it to you.

    Thanks alot…


  2. WELL KNOWN one


    Mrs. Charlene. you are acting as the one who i knew before…

    i will continue the case…

    so everybody would know who you are………

  3. fred

    Calvin,Did you ever find out his mothers contact details?
    Theres a few of us out here in R.P trying to help if we can..
    ANY info and updates are important to us..
    Email me:

  4. fred

    You can also find our group here..It would be even better if you could post anything you think we might need to know there..Thanks.

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