Ohio man wearing women’s swimsuit accused of harassing girls

By Calvin Palmer

Police in Ohio yesterday arrested a man wearing a green women’s one-piece swimming costume after several girls complained that he verbally harassed them and partially exposed himself.

Kevin L. Miller, 41, of Sugarcreek Township, in the Dayton area, today pleaded not guilty to five counts of public indecency and three counts of menacing.

Miller remains in Greene County Jail after Judge Michael Murry set bond at $10,000.

Xenia Prosecutor Ron Lewis said Miller swam into the Little Miami River chasing two women who were canoeing, and chased two juveniles who had visited an ice-cream shop.

Lewis said the public indecency charges came because Miller partially exposed himself to some people while wearing the women’s swimsuit.

The incidents occurred between June 2 and June 3, although Miller was seen in a swimsuit multiple times over the past week along Washington Mill Road and the adjacent Little Miami River, said Sugarcreek Police Sgt. Mark White.

“He said he just wanted to harass people to get a response because, to him, it was the thing to do,” White said. “But we don’t believe he was being honest about his motives.”

Lewis said two victims picked Miller out of a photo lineup, and White said police found a tent on Miller’s property that contained numerous swimsuits.

[Based on reports by newsday.com and the Dayton Daily News.]

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12 responses to “Ohio man wearing women’s swimsuit accused of harassing girls

  1. Glen P

    If I go to the beach and a woman in a thong happens by, can I cry to the police she’s exposing herself? Let the old feller where his girlie swimsuits for Christ’s sake.

  2. zelda

    The old “feller” as you put it was exposing himself…..that ok with you?
    I’ll give you a minute to get out of your little itty bitty polka dot bikini(women’s) so you can lash back at me.
    You are a pompous goon.

  3. Glen P

    Jeeeeeeez Zelda, you’re mean today. So, what does “partially expose” mean anyway? Was he chasing them down the lane with penis in hand? Sure didn’t say that in the article so I did a little research. He alleges he was the one being ridiculed (or abused, if you will) for sunbathing in a woman’s swimsuit and got tired of it. The outline of his rather large genitals were evident in the tight suit and that is what the women took offense to. (Can’t see that as much different than a man in a Speedo and God knows I have been offended by the sight of American women in too tight clothes … think “camel toe”.) By the way, being a cross dresser is not illegal. Transgenders are more often”abused” and subject to violence even than any other “class” of American. I would never have suspected you of such bias.

  4. zelda

    hahahaha……”some of my best friends are cross dressers”…….gee I didn’t mean to be mean!(tounge in cheek)
    The old camel toe is not attractive either..gotta give you that one. Ha a a a ahhhhhhh.
    Is it acceptable to you to have me say that “exposing” yourself regardless of gender etc. is just not a fun thing to witness ????
    What can I say……………
    Well….I HAVE to get these “whitie tighties “off.They are hell in this hot weather.

    • Glen P

      Yes, sometimes it is damn hard on the eyes. My ex-wife waddled out on St. Valentine’s Day evening some years ago adorned in a Teddie. I appreciated the gesture but frankly she looked like a wad of pink flesh and cellulite squeezed into a sausage casing. It was just wrong on so many levels.

  5. Glen P

    Calvin, you’re a national treasure. When you die all this profound knowledge will be lost. I couldn’t find anything about Colonel Bludnock anywhere. I have been enlightened once again.

    • calvininjax

      That’s probably because I got it all wrong. It seems senile dementia has set in. The character was Major Dennis Bloodnok.

      Maybe I am not such a national treasure but fool’s gold. 😉

  6. zelda

    Gee Glen P I wonder WHY your wife divorced you?

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