Man with fetish for Ugg boots harassed schoolgirls

By Calvin Palmer

A man with a fetish for Ugg boots harassed girls at a school in Yorkshire, England, by cloning Web pages on networking sites, such as Facebook, MSN and MySpace, and posing as their friends using fake e-mail addresses.

Leeds Crown Court heard that unemployed Mark Southeby, 38, of Iver, Buckinghamshire, had an online relationship with one 15-year-old, posing as a fictional 28-year-old, and tried to goad her into a series of sex acts.

His mobile phone also contained an “enormous number” of photographs of teenage girls wearing Ugg boots, which were “non-indecent”.

He also managed to get the mobile phone numbers of some of the girls and plagued them with calls in the early hours of the morning.

Southeby has admitted he has a fetish involving the popular sheepskin footwear.

His lawyer told the judge that Southeby recognized he had a problem which needed treatment and “were it chemical castration, it would be a benefit”.

Southeby today pleaded guilty to three counts of inciting sexual activity involving the same 15-year-old girl and six counts of harassing teenage girls.

He is due to be sentenced on Monday.

[Based on a report by the Yorkshire Post.]

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One response to “Man with fetish for Ugg boots harassed schoolgirls

  1. Cardy Long

    Slightly off topic maybe, also a bit of a weird question, but I’m just after a bit more information about the manufacture of Uggs boots. Does anyone know which type of sheep the boots are manufactured from? And are real UGG boots made with the same breed as the copies?

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