Judge seals video of Casey Anthony’s reaction to TV news report

By Calvin Palmer

A Florida judge today ruled that a video showing Casey Anthony’s reaction when she learned a child’s remains had been found less than a mile from her own will not be available for public viewing.

Orange Circuit Court Judge Stan Strickland that the video taken at the Orange County Jail on December 11 be sealed.

“While the court is loathe to shield any public record, an argument can certainly be made that the contents of the video are highly inflammatory,” Strickland wrote in his three-page ruling.

He continued: “Given the nature and scope of the pretrial publicity, it is not unreasonable to assume that many persons in the potential jury pool might view this video and develop a ‘hardened’ attitude in reference to the defendant’s guilt.”

Defense attorneys argued release of the video would taint a potential jury pool and violate Anthony’s Constitutional rights.

They have asked that the trial be moved to South Florida because of intense media coverage in Orlando, where the body was found.

Anthony, 23, is charged with first-degree murder in the death of her daughter, Caylee Marie. The remains of the two-year-old were found in woods less than a quarter of a mile from Anthony’s home on Hopespring Drive.

Hours after the discovery, jail officials moved Anthony from her cell and to the medical facility where a TV was showing reports of the find.

The video showed her reaction while watching the TV report. At that point, investigators had not confirmed the remains were Caylee but everyone believed it was the child.

Anthony has pleaded not guilty, saying a baby sitter kidnapped the child.

Prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty if she is convicted of first-degree murder.

[Based on reports by the Orlando Sentinel and Associated Press.]

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10 responses to “Judge seals video of Casey Anthony’s reaction to TV news report

  1. laura

    That reaction came to soon, no one knew it was Caylee but the person who put her there. Casey’s maintained Caylee was fine she felt that. She said if it changed she would tell someone there was sitings of “Caylee.” The only person who knew 100% that the body was Caylee’s was the person who put her in those words and when that person saw it on the tv she freaked because she knew the jig was up. jmo


    That’s right! You hit the nail right on the head laura!

  3. michellefrommadison

    Was there really even one person well-versed in this case that really thought it would be allowed?

    • mak

      Don’t forget Casey’s reaction (or lack of) when Leonard Padilla’s divers found bones in a bag along with toys at Blanchard Park. Casey watched the report on T.V. then too. She did’t show any emotion because she knew that wasn’t where she put Caylee.

  4. mixologist74

    MFM, you clearly aren’t as well versed in the case as you claim to be or you would most certainly have more to offer to the conversation besides what you keep posting on all the blogs. Offer your OWN theory, backed up with FACTS that lead to it, and you may seem more credible. Everyone has had enough of your bashing.


    Well, well, well. If it isn’t Michelle From Madison!!! Or, excuse me, I guess it would be more accurate to say “Michelle From Michigan” and even BETTER to say “Alan From Muskegon.” Oh, if only we were as intelligent as he is! If we were that smart we might say it’s “Alan From Muskegon Who Likes to Dress up in Women’s Clothing.” Would that be more accurate? Now if we were REALLY smart we would know the proper word to describe mfm would be TRANSVESTITE! Now go away you cross-dressing blogger-tormenting freak. You have been screwing around with us long enough. Go find some of mommy’s pretty jewellrey to try on. There’s a good freak.

  6. michellefrommadison

    It’s funny just how clue-less johninflorida continues to be. He assigns a new name to me nearly everyday, plus the amount of children I have, or had (so funny) and their names change too. Right now I am supposed to have either one or two children, at least as of today, might be different again tomorrow or later in the week. I wasn’t able to name these kids either, john apparently did that for me too. You’ll have to tune in to see where I live tomorrow, now maybe in a place called Muskovon in Michigan, supposed to also be a cross-dresser apparently, but that‘s actually a Michelle Madison and not Michelle from Madison, but who‘s actually trying to be factual. Not sure how many kids John will require me to have tomorrow or the next days, and if I still play hockey or not. Might be basketball tomorrow, just not sure yet, john hasn‘t told me yet. Maybe racecar driver, that would be fun too. According to johninflorida, I now live in a different state and live at a different residence, today it’s Mushovon, which has a different police precinct in it too. But, that’s what happens to many like johninflorida with mental deficiencies as mentioned by so many bloggers. johninflorida is job-security for the mental-health industry. His jealousy over higher-educated people is apparent, and he continues to make up more things to justify the crazy stuff he continues to do. Ohh, john, I’ll take an order of fries with that please, and some extra ketchup packets and some extra pickles too.

  7. michellefrommadison

    OK, Calvin, I too believe the judge did the correct thing as far as sealing the tape. I expect that will be one less lawsuit against some media outlets after the criminal case has been concluded. 🙂

  8. Tor

    Excuse me Mixologist, the only thing mfm said was, “Would anyone really think it was allowed?”, so is there really any reason to attempt to attack her?

    And I’m sure that this Calvin fellow, whose blog this is, doesn’t appreciate you bringing your dirt onto his blog. (If you and mfm had a conflict in the past, why don’t you leave it in the past?)
    There’s nothing bad about her comment that you were replying to.

    The same goes to you Bees Knees. There’s no reason to try and attack anyone. The only thing this mfm said was “Would anyone think this would be allowed in?”
    (If you and mfm had a dispute in the past or something, you should leave it in the past, not bring it onto Calvin’s blog. That is very inconsiderate to Calvin. You should remember that the whole world does not revolve around you, and other people don’t care about disputes you had or didn’t have. So why should you ruin everyone else’s blogging experience with this mud-slinging and probably mistaken information. Your name-calling is beyond ridiculous.

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