Man and woman accused of killing and skinning puppy to make a belt

By Calvin Palmer

An Oklahoma judge has ordered a mental competency hearing for a man and woman accused of killing a puppy to make a belt out of its hide.

Krystal Lynn Lewis, 23, and Austin Michael Mullins, 26, are being held in the Muskogee County jail on $25,000 bail each.

They have been charged with one felony count of cruelty to animals.

“We’re talking about a 6- or 7-week-old defenseless puppy,” said sheriff’s deputy George Roberson. “That’s pretty heinous and sadistic.”

Lewis allegedly wanted the Jack Russell terrier puppy, named Poplin, killed because it was a gift from a female ex-lover.

Roberson said Mullins shot the terrier 10 times with a .22-caliber pistol. Lewis skinned the animal at her apartment and nailed the hide to a board.

[Based on a report by the Associated Press.]

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12 responses to “Man and woman accused of killing and skinning puppy to make a belt

  1. Krystal Lynn Lewis redneck trash

    How completely and utterly disturbing and disgusting. I hope this sorry excuse for a human ends up in jail where she is repeatedly raped and tortured.

  2. Glen P

    In prison? Repeatedly raped and tortured?

    People cull and kill dogs all the time for all kinds of reasons. In Alaska, mushers make mittens for their kids out of culled puppies’ hides. In the Philippines Barios (and a whole bunch of other places) they think nothing of killing a dog for dinner. There are so many examples. I always chuckle a bit when these PETA folk try to saddle others with with their silly, anthropomorphic fantasies.

    • Krystal Lynn Lewis redneck trash

      Glen P: I don’t know where you get your faulty information from, but cultural mores and practices by a particular cultural group for SURVIVAL (which may be wrong as well) CAN NOT be compared to some white redneck trash killing a PET and skinning it for FUN.

      They have ordered a mental competency test for her FOR A REASON. Perhaps you need one as well Glen P as you seem to be morally and intellectually hampered. Ditto for the “sheeple” who agree with you.

      I’d like to see you and her shot and skinned for a “human belt”. I’ll be chuckling a bit at that!

      And as for animals over people, heck there are a heck of a lot of people I’d let die in order to save some animals. People like that fat white trash sadistic woman and Glen P the “chuckler”.

  3. I kinda agree with Glen P in a way but killing a dog to eat is rather different than killing a dog for a ‘belt’ 😦

    • Glen P

      I am sure you have worn a leather belt before. You know how they kill cattle? Not so pretty.

      • Krystal Lynn Lewis redneck trash

        Actually Glen P., I do know how some producers kill cattle. There are very humane ways of putting down cattle such that the cattle have no idea they are being put down.

        Glen P, you are one of the more dangerous individuals in society in that you really have no idea how stupid and ignorant you are….yet you go around spreading your misinformation with such arrogance. Get an education Glen P, and then talk. Because you know not of what you speak.

        You know what is “not so pretty”? Ignorance and arrogance together in one person. You.

  4. zelda

    AS usual.There are more comments on animal cruelty than kids murdered etc.etc.
    Makes me take a step back and take a good look at humanity.

    • Krystal Lynn Lewis redneck trash

      Zelda: Where in this story are murdered kids mentioned? Perhaps you’d like to bring Madoff and/or Jon & Kate plus 8 into the mix? Can you stick to the topic? Do you have ADD or something?

  5. Glen P

    Krystal, do tell? Have you ever seen any cattle killed? Please share your experience. Enlighten me.

    Actually, everything I’ve shared here is from my own experience and I will continue to chuckle at folks who can’t shed their childhood fondness for Bambi et al.

    Finally, you would like to see me shot and skinned for a belt, … and you believe I need professional help? ahhahahhahhahahhahahha

    • Krystal Lynn Lewis redneck trash

      Glen P: YEP! 🙂 Maybe I’ma do it to ya myself (chuckle)

      • Glen P

        Have mercy on a heathen. (The chuckle was a nice touch.) I see I couldn’t bait you into more debate.

        Was I that transparent? I am truly such an animal lover. I still cry on anniversary of my ole dog, Sonny’s, death. I have a gravestone where he is buried. He was a damn site better friend than any human I’ve ever known. We had many adventures together in Alaska. Miss him still every day after over 2 years passed.

  6. Rob

    What happen Glen did you eat him?

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