Father’s Day shootings leave two dead

By Calvin Palmer

Fathers, sons and guns proved a deadly mix yesterday resulting in two Father’s Day fatalities.

A 62-year-old northeast Pennsylvania man is being held without bail on a homicide charge.

Bernard Uckele is accused of killing his 19-year-old son Justin with a handgun yesterday afternoon in the garage of Uckele’s home in Jackson Township, about 75 miles north of Philadelphia.

Police say the son’s girlfriend had been fighting with his sister when the father became involved. The shooting occurred after Justin returned home from work.

Justin Uckele was dead when state troopers arrived.

Bernard Uckele had fled the scene in a vehicle. He was briefly pursued by state police along Route 115 before he stopped and surrendered without further incident.

Meanwhile in the Philippines, a soldier home on leave after fighting Muslim rebels was accidentally shot and killed by his six-year-old son.

Private First Class Apolonio Pacioles asked his son to fetch his .45 caliber pistol at their home in the suburb of Quezon City in Manila yesterday.

The boy went to fetch the weapon and removed its magazine as his father had taught him, not knowing that a bullet was loaded in the chamber.

He returned with the gun and police say Pacioles ignored the boy who then cocked the gun’s hammer with his finger on the trigger and shot his 45-year-old father in the abdomen.

Police said no charges would be filed against the boy

[Based on reports by the Associated Press, The Morning Call and Philippine Daily Inquirer.]

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