Girlfriend killed McNair then turned gun on herself

By Calvin Palmer

Police today confirmed that ex-NFL star Steve McNair was murdered by his 20-year-old girlfriend who then turned the gun on herself.

At a news conference this afternoon, Nashville Police Chief Ronal Serpas said that investigators determined McNair was probably asleep sitting up on the couch when Sahel Kazemi shot him once in the right temple, twice in the chest and then once in the left temple.

Kazemi then killed herself with a single gunshot to the head.

Serpas said that Kazemi was “spinning out of control” in the days before the shootings, upset by impending money problems and the belief that McNair was seeing another woman.

“While we may never know exactly what drove Miss Kazemi to make that decision on that Saturday morning, the totality of the evidence clearly points to a murder-suicide,” Serpas said.

The former Tennessee Titan was found dead at a condominium he shared with a friend. Although married, he had been dating Kazemi for several months.

She bought the semi-automatic pistol two days before the killings.

“On two occasions she told friends and associates that her life was all messed up and she was going to end it,” Serpas said.

[Based on reports by the Associated Press and]

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5 responses to “Girlfriend killed McNair then turned gun on herself

  1. So far not a thing from the mysandry wing of the domestic violence movement about this.

  2. NOLA Darling

    I wish the press would stop trying to make McNair’s relationship more dignified than it was. If you’re sleeping with and receiving rent money and expensive gifts from a married man, you’re his “mistress” not his “girlfriend”.

  3. Krissi

    All i gots to say is there is something fishy about this one. If she had gun shot residue on her left hand then it is not that easy to have shot herself in the right temple. That would be a position that is hard to get into. More than likely she would not have shot herself in the temple but close to the back side of her head. You would think that a left handed person would shoot themselves in the left temple not the right one.

  4. calvininjax

    Ever thought she was trying to make it appear someone else had done the killings?

    Just a thought. 😉

  5. zelda

    Hmmm……….interesting thought calnjax……….but I am inclined to think it was connected to the wife somehow.To shoot someone that many times you have to be feeling betrayed or some deep thing.The wife would fit that scenario more than the girlfriend……….perhaps.
    I would be sure to check and recheck this evidence until there was NO doubt.
    It doesn’t ring true somehow.

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