Yoga expert files petition claiming homosexuality is a disease

By Calvin Palmer

Last week’s ruling by the Delhi High Court in India to decriminalize homosexual acts has come under fire from a yoga expert.

Swami Baba Ramdev has filed a petition with the Supreme Court claiming that homosexuality is a disease that can be cured by yoga.

“It can be treated like any other congenital defect. Such tendencies can be treated by yoga, pranayama (breathing exercises) and other meditation techniques,” he said in the challenge.

Last week’s judgment reversing a colonial-era ban on homosexuality has met with widespread opposition among many religious groups and conservatives who say same-sex relationships threaten the fabric of traditional Indian society.

Ramdev, who has a wide following among millions of middle-class Hindus who regularly tune into his healthy living TV programs on television, said homosexuality caused “mental bankruptcy” and was “against God and creation.”

His petition follows one filed by astrologer Suresh Kumar Kaushal, arguing that if gay sex is legalised, “tomorrow people might seek permission for having sex with animals”.

Kaushal said in his petition that India’s ancient scriptures and values did not permit homosexuality and argued that the recent court judgement would lead to the spread of HIV and Aids.

The Chief Justice of India, K Balakrishnan, who heard the petition, said the colonial-era law had rarely been used against homosexuals and mainly targeted pedophilia.

He asked the government and rights groups which had campaigned against the law to respond to the petition.

Under the Indian legal system, any person can challenge a court decision in a higher court.

[Based on reports by AFP and BBC News.]

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2 responses to “Yoga expert files petition claiming homosexuality is a disease


    what is homosexuality & when it develops in a person– it is developed at the very childhood when the person even do not know what is sex & when a child touches other child body or private parts he gets some type of enjoyment from here only the person starts developing homosexulity & to fulfill his enjoyment demand he starts targetting other people & becomes homo & finds more enjoyment in the same sex & also he can easily target the same sex people instead of other sex as he is afraid that he can be easily identified in other sex. further mostly where only man’s are available their u will find maximum nos. of homos.
    like boys hostel,army and etc.
    homosexulity should not be allowed as it is wrong practice against the nature .

  2. Scabby

    I once saw a study of pregnant women during the bombing of London in WWII. They found that during a certain trimester of pregnancy, third I think, mother’s enduring particular stress because of the bombings released more estrogen into the fetus’ they were carrying, which led those babies that were male to be more effiminate. This is the most logical reason to explain homosexual behavior I have ever heard, although it doesn’t explain lesbianism.

    But in the larger scheme of things, WHO FREAKING CARES?!?!? Live and let live. People against homosexuality really need to find more important things to do.

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