Driver of car hit by train had suspended license

By Calvin Palmer

The driver of a car hit by an Amtrak train yesterday at a rail crossing near Detroit, resulting in his death and the death of the four passengers, was driving with a suspended license.

Sgt Mark Gajeski said Dan Broughton, 19, of Woodhaven, had a number of traffic violations, including speeding and disobeying a stop sign.

Broughton’s failure produce a driver’s license on April 1 led to a judge giving him a one-month license suspension on June 17.

The suspension began on Wednesday and was due to run until August 7.

Broughton was driving a Ford Fusion when it was hit by an Amtrak train at a rail crossing in Canton Township, about 20 miles west of Detroit.

Investigators are looking at all aspects of the crash, trying to determine what led Broughton to drive around flashing lights and lowered gates at the Hannan Road crossing.

Toxicology tests will be performed on all the young people killed, with focus on the driver.

 Albert Samuels, chief investigator for the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s office, said preliminary toxicology screenings may be available as soon as today, but definitive test results could take as long as six to 12 weeks.

The other victims were 14-year-old Jessica Sadler, who lived blocks from the accident; her boyfriend, 18-year-old Eddie Gross, of Taylor; 19-year-old Sean Harris from the Detroit area, and his 21-year-old brother, Terrence Harris, of Stafford, Virginia.

[Based on reports by the Associated Press and Detroit Free Press.]

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