White supremacist found guilty of planning firebomb terror campaign

By Calvin Palmer

A white supremacist was convicted at the Old Bailey today of planning a terrorist campaign and turning his bedroom into a bomb-making factory.

Neil Lewington, 43, who lived at home with his parents in Reading, Berkshire, was arrested by chance at Lowestoft station in Suffolk on October 30 last year after he insulted a female train conductor and urinated on a platform.

The face of the 'Master Race': loser Neil Lewington. Picture courtesy of The Daily Telegraph.

The face of the 'Master Race': loser Neil Lewington. Picture courtesy of The Daily Telegraph.

The unemployed alcoholic electrician was planning to manufacture firebombs in tennis balls and target the homes of Asian families.

At the time of his arrest he was carrying two firebombs that would have exploded when primed.

Lewington was found guilty of having explosives with intent to endanger life and preparing for acts of terrorism. He will be sentenced on September 8.

Judge Peter Thornton said: “The likely outcome is a lengthy sentence of imprisonment.”

After his arrest, searches of Lewington’s home revealed a notebook entitled “Waffen SS UK members’ handbook” with a “device logbook” of drawings of electronics and chemical mixtures. The notebook also contained his boasts of two-man hit squads bombing the UK at random.

Weedkiller, firelighters, three tennis balls with diagrams on how to convert them into shrapnel bombs, firework powder, electrical timers and detonators were also found in his bedroom.

Brian Altman QC, prosecuting, said: “This man, who had strong if not fanatical right wing leanings and opinions, was on the cusp of embarking on a campaign of terrorism against those he considered non-British.

“The defendant had in his possession the component parts of two viable improvised incendiary devices.

“Later searches of the house where the defendant lived, in particular his own bedroom, revealed nothing short of a factory for the production of many such similar devices.”

The court was told Lewington had been unemployed for 10 years after being sacked from his last job for being drunk and spent much of his time searching for girlfriends on chatlines.

His relationships with women ended when he expressed his racist views.

One woman was put off by him when he said “the only good Paki was a dead Paki” and he would not hit a woman but would “make an exception for a Paki”, the court heard.

Another girlfriend said he spoke of making bombs and asked at which house in her street an Asian family lived.

Lewington was addicted to the computer game Resident Evil, which he played on his mobile phone, and had a picture on the phone which said:”100 per cent white and proud.”

He was obsessed with other racist attackers such as London nail bomber David Copeland, America’s Unabomber and Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh.

Lewington said he was a member of the National Front and wanted the Ku Klux Klan brought back.

His mother, Margaret Lewington, said she would rarely go into his bedroom and he had put Blu-Tack over the keyhole.

“He was in a world of his own,” she said.

His father, Christopher Lewington, who works as a tanker driver, said he had not spoken to his son for 10 years.

In a statement read outside the court, Bethan David, of the Crown Prosecution Service’s counter-terror division, said: “While holding racist beliefs is not a crime, however distasteful they may be to most people, planning and preparing to attack or terrorize people with explosive devices is a criminal act.

“The material collected during the investigation, coupled with the nature of the devices that he had made, convinced us that Neil Lewington was a real threat not just to the people that he was targeting but to anyone in the vicinity had he succeeded in detonating his bombs. He had the knowledge and the will to cause destruction, injury and death.”

[Based on reports by The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian.]

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4 responses to “White supremacist found guilty of planning firebomb terror campaign

  1. There is a delicious irony that all these white supremacists tend in the main to be fat ugly men with very little hair. I suppose it goes with the territory given they have even less between the ears. Hitler and his cronies were a bunch of freaks and weirdos, and Nick Griffin and his BNP crowd are no different. I think I’ll stick with multi-culturalism thank you very much. Where I live in the UK you often tend to get a more polite, pleasant and enlightened conversation with the “immigrants” than you do the locals. I hope they lock this supreme idiot up for a long time.

  2. OS.

    You beat me to it, Andy. I would echo all your comments. I, too, get on well with the ‘immigrants’ and any problems I get where I live always come from the ‘indigenous’ population. One problem I do have with the ‘immigrants’ is that they have a tendency to ignore traffic regulations. I suppose it’s a feedback to their times driving around Bombay. 😉

    Oi, Calvin, almost at the 200,000 mark. I’ll congratulate you when it happens but ‘Calvin’s Chronicles’ are becoming quite a hit!


    • calvininjax

      It’s been slowing down a bit lately — a combination of my flagging motivation and fewer gripping stories to pass on. But I am hanging on in there with typical Potteries’ pluck!

      I’ve booked the function room at the Dog & Duck for the 200,000th visitor celebrations.

      It should be a cracking do. I just hope all 200,000 don’t turn up at the same time.

      Perhaps I should switch venues to Wembley stadium. What do you think? Could winger handle the catering?

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