Three charged after six-week-old baby found with toes chewed off by rats

By Calvin Palmer

Three people appeared in court yesterday charged with felony child endangering after a six-week-old baby girl was found with her two of her toes chewed off by rats.

Pike County prosecutor Rob Junk says the baby’s toes on her left foot were gone when sheriff’s deputies went to the mobile home west of Piketon, on Sunday, after receiving an anonymous tip.

Judge Cassandra Bolt-Meredith set bail at $210,000 each for Joseph Gunter, 33, Tina Gunter, 29, and Todd C. Trent, 18, the boyfriend of the baby’s mother but not the baby’s father.

Noting the public outrage over the case, Junk said: “Probably the safest place for them right now is jail.” The suspects are being held in the Ross County jail at Chillicothe.

The baby, Leann Lowe, is being treated at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, in Columbus, for extensive bites to her left foot and back, apparently inflicted over an extended period. Her condition is described as fair.

Children services officials are expected to seek permanent custody of the child after she is discharged from hospital. They have already removed the 17-year-old mother’s two-year old from the mobile home. As yet, no charges have been brought against the mother.

The Gunters had been staying in the mobile home recently, Junk said.

For pictures of the three charged, see the Lancaster Eagle Gazette.

[Based on reports by the Associated Press and The Columbus Dispatch.]

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10 responses to “Three charged after six-week-old baby found with toes chewed off by rats

  1. zelda

    You know,……….I just can’t believe things like this.When I look in the mirror I think I see a human………but then I read these kinds of stories and I wonder how I could be in the same “group” as these trogs.
    We are almost back to knuckle dragging,hairy,grunting slouching animals.
    I am literally sickened.

  2. calvininjax

    If that scenario was included in a film or TV script, it would more than likely be rejected, not because of its grossness but because no one would believe such a thing could happen.

    Just shows you how wrong you can be, and goes to show the depths to which some people, and I use the term loosely, can sink.

  3. LT

    Maybe I’m missing something… where is the mother?

    • calvininjax

      I thought the same, too, I can find no mention of the mother in any of the reports.

      Perhaps she had gone AWOL.

  4. zelda

    She’s the 17 year old mentioned

  5. zelda

    Could be yet another vague and horribly written report.
    Hopefully we will get follow up on this story.

  6. calvininjax

    The reports I bring you aren’t vague and horribly written, they are well-crafted masterpieces. If you want ‘vague and horribly written’, go and buy a U.S. newspaper. 😉

  7. zelda

    Oh good grief Calvin…….I was not thinking of you with my comment.Don’t be so goofy.
    You may be stretching the masterpiece idea but you write well.
    You would be easier to read if you didn’t slam the US all the time.
    I was actually referring to CNN news for the most part.

  8. Sheila VanGorder

    I think that the people concerned should have peanut butter smeared on their toes or something else delicious to rats and put them in a room full of angry rats who are really hungry, and then lock em in there. Lets see how that feels to them. Sorry to be so horrid minded, but anytime this happens, my mommy instinct kicks in, and I am completely disgusted. I want to know whats gonna happen to the baby. If she is given to a family member, how can they be sure the baby will be taken care of. I mean if shes given to the grandparents, what if the grandparents raised the mother of the baby like that, wouldnt that be putting her back in the hands of the vicious people that allowed this atrocity. I would take that baby in a heartbeat, and she would never have to worry or be hurt again.
    They didnt care about the welfare of this child, and they allowed it to happen over time. Did they think it was funny? The mother should be charged as well. She had to have been involved in this too. I am apalled at this, and thank God for the anonymous tip. Thank you and God Bless you!

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