Republican hopes to turn the clock back and bring healthcare disaster

By Calvin Palmer

With healthcare reform the dominant issue throughout the United States at the moment, Jacksonville entered the debate with a forum held in Mandarin this week.

The Florida Times-Union in its report said the only panelist among the panel of North East Florida healthcare leaders and analysts who was a clear supporter of President Obama’s reforms was met by derisive laughter.

Meanwhile, applause followed every utterance by Robin Lumb, the Duval County Republican Party’s healthcare policy analyst.

He said that healthcare’s increasing costs could be traced to over-regulation. Strip away the rules and renewed competition would drive costs down, he said.

“It’s slow-motion socialism,” he said of the congressional plans, adding that he was speaking for himself and not necessarily his party.

I cannot wait for Lumb’s free-market solution to be put into practice.

The financial crisis was due in no small part to the lack of regulation and free competition being given full rein in the banking and insurance industries.

So Lumb proposes the same measures that brought the U.S. financial system to the verge of total collapse, and created the global recession, to be applied to healthcare.

I can only conclude that Lumb is either very wealthy or particularly stupid.  Actually, he is probably both.

I can just see him having his cardiac surgery performed by the Colombian surgeon, recently immigrated to the U.S., who only charges $10, as opposed the Johns Hopkins educated surgeon who charges $35,000 or whatever the true cost is for quality care.

I like Lumb. The more he opens his mouth, the more he confirms that he will be supporting the party of opposition in the U.S. for many years to come.

[Based on a report by The Florida Times-Union.]

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15 responses to “Republican hopes to turn the clock back and bring healthcare disaster

  1. The Republican threat is much worse! Dead Republicans are bringing down our audacity of hope! President said several times in his infomercial on healthplan; “Let me be clear on this….”
    Remember Tricky Dick’s famous line? “Let me be perfectly clear!”

  2. Let us not forget, government regulations and government interference in banking was a major factor in forcing banks to make more and more high risk loans!

    I surly don’t want a government bureaucratic agency involved in MY health care. Besides if it’s such a great plan why are congressional members dumping their government paid health care plan and signing up got Obamacare?

  3. calvininjax

    I am pleased to hear that you are wealthy enough to afford the copays that accompany medical treatment in the United States. Perhaps you would like to contribute some of your wealth to this blog, so that I can meet my medical bills in the future.

    You really haven’t got a clue as to what it is all about, have you?

    A visit to a doctor in the UK, costs nothing, nada. Surgeries I had in the UK similarly cost me nothing, nada. I was quite happy to have the National Health Service involved in my healthcare. Now, I postpone visits to a doctor in fear of what the treatment is going to cost me out of pocket. Surely that cannot be right?

    But as Mr Moneybags, what do you care?

  4. zelda

    True enough Calvin.If it were just the money concerns in the health care plan ,the British have it over us in aces.
    However the rub as I see it is the incredible wait that comes for people needing care in the UK.It is slow and plodding .
    Neither set up is the panacea.
    I have no health care plan here in the US and it’s scary!So I understand the money part stingingly.And I don’t like the gov. in my pants either.
    It’s a disgrace.
    The whole top heavy sense we here at the low end have to muck through daily is astounding.
    It’s a wonder a person can face the day anymore.
    Blah blah blah…………

  5. dhydar

    Um, “lack of regulation” of the market didn’t bring the financial crisis… lack of regulation of quasi-governmental entities (Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac) was at the root, as was government pressure on banks to give questionable loans.

    Interestingly, pushing a “public option” seems to have a lot more similarity to the causes of the financial crisis than you realize.

    • calvininjax

      Next you will be telling us George W didn’t authorize the bail-out of the banks and Sarah Palin was a viable candidate for vice president of the United States.

  6. AndyP

    The NHS is not so slow and plodding as you think. Emergency care is immediate. Granted waiting lists occur for operations non life threatening conditions like hip replacements for example but there’s a huge difference between free health care and forking out for private medical insurance that only pays out 50% of your bill and requires you to pay the first $1000.

    I was recently bitten by an undetermined creature while delivering leaflets in the UK. My hand was bleeding and my heart sank thinking of a long night in Casualty and a probable tetanus injection. But no I went to A&E and was out in less than 1 hour having seen a nurse, then Sister, having had the wound cleaned and bandaged, and receiving a week’s course of antibiotics. My bill? Nothing. The same would have been the case if I was involved in a life threatening accident, needed an operation and several days in intensive care. Nothing.

    I pay a national insurance out of my salary. As well as health care it provides unemployment benefit, sick pay, and state pension after retirement. It provides the safety net when people fall on hard times.

    Time Magazine had an interesting piece not so long ago. One quote from the article is this:
    “For one thing, Europeans spend less — about $4,000 a person less, in some cases — than Americans on health care annually, and often with better outcomes.”
    Full article:,9171,1899873,00.html

    Why Americans prefer the shambles they currently have is beyond me. I guess it’s because they don’t truly understand what it is about and believe the propaganda of the Right who laughably call the NHS communism. It seems immoral to me for companies to make such huge profits out of the misfortune of the unhealthy. The cost of medicine in the US is a disgrace, I was astounded when I went to a well known 24 hour pharmacy to purchase some own brand cold remedy. But as long as the “I’m alright Jack, pull the ladder up” mentality continues in the US, then thousands of people will go without health care, and America will continue to be an ailing society.

  7. calvininjax

    Mr Speaker, I would like to endorse the views so eloquently put forward by the Right Honorable Member for Leeds North West.

    What our Republican friends seem to forget is that the free market is founded upon choice but there is no choice attached to falling ill. Companies seeking to provide shareholders with a handsome dividend through the pain and suffering of others is, quite frankly, obscene.

    I believe the Swiss, hardly a hotbed of extreme socialism, have a health system based on private insurance but the insurance companies are not allowed to make a profit from providing coverage for healthcare. The companies make their profits on other forms of insurance — auto, home, contents insurance.

    And whereas people can go through life never having to claim on their auto insurance or contents insurance, everybody at some point in their lives falls ill.

  8. zelda

    I don’t think anyone with good sense would say that Americans PREFER the way our medical system works. It’s that we (the people) have not had a choice.
    Of course we know it’s a mess and we desperately want a change.It’s POLITICS ya know…….
    blah blah blah

  9. zelda

    By the way Andy……….your reference to the American “mentality” all the time is just plain rude.I find your “superior” thinking right up there with the goose-step!!!!
    Can you NOT share your views with out insults??????
    Arrogance breeds conflict………

  10. zelda

    You too Calvin…….

    • calvininjax

      Unfair, Zelda.

      My acerbic comments are reserved for Americans of a certain ilk, probably the same kind you treat with disdain.

      On the whole, Americans are a warm, generous and friendly people and much better than the preponderance of miserable sods who inhabit England’s green and pleasant land.

      Besides, most of my cultural icons are American. Sadly, as the year pass, they are getting fewer and fewer. John “Maramduke” Dawson is the most recent departure.

  11. AndyP

    I only do it to counter-balance the large number of Americans who wandered around our sacred isle acting like they are superior and thinking everything is cute and tiny. I get a perverse pleasure out of undermining their sense of self-confidence. 😉 I also get annoyed with the assumption that I want to be here as if it was some kind of wonderland of milk and honey.

    Recent conversation outside a supermarket…

    One of my partner’s friends: “I bet you are having a great time here in America?”

    Me: “It’s alright I suppose”.

    You could see the look of perplexed confusion. It said “malfunction – do not compute, do not compute”. 😉

  12. zelda

    Calvin and Andy….
    Idiots abound across the globe. We all have stories of that behavior and thick minds.What I am saying is that I think journalists,professional or not, have the responsibility to “inform” rather than to “inflame” Words are mighty strokes of thinking that set the stage for reaction pro or con.
    Perhaps we need to think before we speak.Myself included.
    I know that the far right people I run into daily are embarrassingly rude, loud, and vocal wherever they happen to be.Very few of us live in any kind of “awareness” at all.My first reaction to these people is to say that they are brain dead idiots that have no clue as to what they are spouting off about but then I realize I would be joining their ranks if I did.
    I find I can no longer talk to many of my friends about the state of the world etc. etc.The number of haters out there is astounding. When pro Palin people begin to strut their stuff I just have to leave if I can.I don’t argue with them because they will never get the picture……..just won’t happen.
    I guess what I am saying is that we thinkers out here have to be responsible in our words and reactions in my view.
    We can either become snarling rude shits like they are or take the high road and be effectual in making change in a positive way.

  13. zelda

    Ahhhhhhhhh yes………….John is now and forever a part of that purple sage.

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