Wisconsin mother thought daughter’s fatal illness was a test of faith

By Calvin Palmer

The mother of the 11-year-old Wisconsin girl who died of undiagnosed diabetes while the family put its trust in the power of pray testified today that she believes sickness is caused by sin and can be cured by God.

Leilani Neuman who has been convicted of second-degree reckless homicide and is awaiting sentencing told the jury at the trial of her husband she thought her daughter’s illness was a test of her religious faith and she didn’t take the girl to a doctor because that would have been “complete disobedience to what we believe”.

As presiding judge at this trial, I would question whether this woman was competent to give evidence. However, I am not and all of Wisconsin can breathe a sigh of relief.

Dale Neumann, 47, is facing the same charge as that of his wife over the death of daughter Madeline Kara Neumann.

The prosecution argues he recklessly killed the youngest of his four children by ignoring her deteriorating health. They claim Neumann had a legal duty to take her to a doctor.

Leilani Neumann,41, testified for nearly five hours today, describing the events leading up to the death of her daughter on March 23, 2008. She died on a mattress on the floor of the family’s rural Weston home as people surrounded her and prayed. Someone called 911 when the girl stopped breathing.

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Although it was a bit late, locking the stable door after the horse has bolted.

The mother said that she and her husband believed their daughter’s deteriorating condition may have been the result of a falling out with another couple, and called them once the girl was unconscious and persuaded them to come pray for the girl.

Is this woman for real? Sadly, particularly in her daughter’s case, the answer is yes.

The family does not belong to an organized religion.

No kidding! Even the most fundamental churches would draw back from having these Looney Tunes among their congregation.

Leilani Neumann said she has nothing against doctors but believes in spiritual healing and viewed Madeline’s illness as “something spiritual”.

As you do, if you happen to have a warped mentality or one that belongs to the Dark Ages.

She also said that she did not realize her daughter was seriously ill until the day before her death, when the girl was weak and pale and had trouble speaking.

It took her that long?

“I asked her if she loved Jesus,” the mother testified. “She might have said yes. I know for sure she was acknowledging it. What sounds came out, I don’t remember. She was making noises… My focus definitely was to pray.”

She said she never once believed the girl would die.

“We thought even the lifelessness was something that she would come out of,” the mother said. “Everything for us is about faith. It is about trusting in God. We either believe in God’s word or we don’t.”

I am no Bible scholar but I would doubt there is any passage that suggests letting a loved one die in order to prove one’s faith. And has it not occurred to these two wackos that the Bible was written at a time when medicine was at its most crudest and base level? I imagine the Egyptians under the Pharaohs looked to Osiris when a family member became ill; the ancient Greeks called upon Apollo; the Nordic races invoked Odin or Thor. And, of course, all these dieties have since been discredited by the Christian faith, which begs the question about the validity of their own God.

A pediatric expert on diabetes told the jury yesterday that even right before her death, doctors might have been able to save the girl’s life had she been brought to a hospital.

The readers of the Wasau Daily Herald have rightly questioned whether this family had healthcare insurance. If they did, it makes a mockery of the faith they proclaim to hold. No surprise there.

The trial continues.

[Based on a report by the Associated Press.]

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10 responses to “Wisconsin mother thought daughter’s fatal illness was a test of faith

  1. zelda

    It just astounds me………..what kind of species are we????
    The range of humanity just floors me.
    The word that keeps screaming in my head is”IDIOTS’!!!!
    The rate of child abuse and heinous murders of children is just off the charts.
    I am horrified.

  2. Glen P

    I have to agree with you. If you board the Neuman logic train, then anything and everything could be a test of faith. Soggy corn flakes? … my lack of faith. The Neumans are simply stupid people. Actually, child abuse isn’t on a wildly high rate of increase but this Neuman tragedy was so preventable and so STUPID, it saddens most all of us.

  3. zelda

    Hi Glen……
    Can you direct me to the stats of child abuse here in the US?
    Soggy corn flakes…….LOL~!!!!! I love that analogy.

  4. Vince

    As hard as this is for me to say, there has to be some blame laid upon this husband’s and wife’s church. The Bible is clear that we should trust the Lord God before man, but never does it tell us that there is absolutely no intermediary source used by God to heal. This father could have prayed for healing as the paramedics worked on her… he could have prayed for healing while the doctors at the hospital examined her… he could have thanked his God for the healing that came at the hands of those used by God to heal this poor girl. He would have not gone against God at all had he done this. In fact, he would have been putting his trust more so in God had he done this.

  5. Tom

    “I am no Bible scholar but I would doubt there is any passage that suggests letting a loved one die in order to prove one’s faith. ”

    Seriously? You might was to read the bible.

    Gen 22(2):
    ‘Then God said, “Take your son, your only son, Isaac, whom you love, and go to the region of Moriah. Sacrifice him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains I will tell you about.”‘

    Gen 22(12)
    “Do not do anything to him. Now I know that you fear God, because you have not withheld from me your son, your only son.”

    He stops abraham before he completes the sacrifice but God certainly *suggests* the killing of a child to prove faith.

  6. The girl’s parents are hardened criminals. Nothing more or less. Intentionally letting a young child die without proper attention deserves the maximum punishment.

  7. Brad

    There was an old man sitting on his porch watching the rain fall. Pretty soon the water was coming over the porch and into the house.

    The old man was still sitting there when a rescue boat came and the people on board said, “You can’t stay here you have to come with us.”

    The old man replied, “No, God will save me.” So the boat left. A little while later the water was up to the second floor, and another rescue boat came, and again told the old man he had to come with them.

    The old man again replied, “God will save me.” So the boat left him again.

    An hour later the water was up to the roof and a third rescue boat approached the old man, and tried to get him to come with them.

    Again the old man refused to leave stating that, “God will grant a miracle & save him.” So the boat left him again.

    Soon after, the man drowns and goes to heaven, and when he sees God he asks him, “Why didn’t you save me? I thought you would grand me a miracle and you have let me down.”

    God replied, “You idiot, I don’t know what you’re complaining about. I sent three boats after you!!”

    The moral of this story? Sometimes God sends doctors and insulin to save you!

  8. Fred

    I hope the father, his pastor, and his church burn in hell forever as an example to all.

  9. Tim Jordan

    Let’s burn them at the stake for invoking chants and rituals, when clearly the child needed simple medical intervention. Perhaps the other wacko’s would see that the error of their ways………..and start to see some sense. Plus if we burnt them we wouldn’t have to put up with the expense of housing them and feeding them in jail. Let alone having to put up with them back in our society, when they get out.
    Burn them, burn them I say as justice for the childs pain and suffering. It is written in the bible that we shouldn’t have to put up with the sort of witchcraft they thought would bring their daughters health back so let’s follow the teachings and burn them, burn them, burn them…….woops…. do I now sound like as big a simpleton as them……………………….sorry.
    Perhaps we should let the justice system look after it, in the same way the health system should have looked after the child!
    No doubt the parents and the child were either home schooled or taught at the church’s school. Because their is no other way for the morons to ensure continuance through the generations of the narrowness of mind required for such utter unadulterated stupidity!

  10. Jamie Rodgers

    My view is as follows:
    Both parents are guilty and must be found as such. Neither should be jailed.
    Society should hold them responsible for their daughters death. They caused it. They are “people of conscience” and they should be made to live with that fact forever – rather than being perceived as martyrs of ” a secular society” that punishes them for “following God’s law” by an extreme religious segment. We cannot bring their daughter back so let society turn the other cheek. Putting them in prison will not make them face up to their own responsilbility for her death, but only when they accept that fact can they hope for the redemption they seek.

    And that is something I, as a parent, would wish on no-one.
    So let’s not persecute these poor misguided fools. To do so is to give them that as an excuse. Hopefully, if we ignore nuts like these, they may just go away! Everyone involved has suffered enough already.

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