Police seek couple after Holocaust survivor found dead and tied up

By Calvin Palmer

New York police said today they want to question two people in connection with the death of an 89-year-old Holocaust survivor  who was found dead in his apartment with his arms bound behind his back.

Guido Felix Brinkman was found by the superintendent of his Upper East Side apartment building yesterday evening. He was lying face down on his bed with a head injury.

The building doorman told police a man and woman in their twenties came to Brinkmann’s apartment on Wednesday night. They were later seen by witnesses leaving through the basement garage and driving away in Brinkmann’s car, a blue Honda Civic with license plate FELIX B.

Brinkmann’s body was found when his friend Bo Dietl – an NYPD detective turned private investigator – called 911.

Dietl was contacted when Brinkmann, who had been working as a building manager in the Bronx, failed to show up for work

Dietl said a safe in the apartment had not been opened and believes the thieves were trying to get the combination from Brinkmann.

Brinkmann grew up in Latvia and moved to Germany. His family was sent to Auschwitz where he had been due to be killed on several occasions but each time was spared. Dietl said Brinkmann thought it was because he was a skilled electrician.

Brinkmann eventually met his wife at the Nazi death camp. She died a few years ago.

“He was the most likeable person in the world,” said Dietl. “He befriended everyone.”

In April, Brinkmann was arrested on a menacing charge after pulling a gun on people in his office in some type of dispute.

Dietl said Brinkmann’s license to carry a weapon was suspended. The charges were eventually dropped.

[Based on a report by newsday.com.]

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5 responses to “Police seek couple after Holocaust survivor found dead and tied up

  1. Jo

    Son of a bitch had to to tie up and beat a 90 year old man? You have to be proud. To have gone through all that…it’s just unfathomable.

    • robin

      How could its be a big media news when the NJ jews trialed for human kidney business got no attention. If those 2 famous jews were muslims then it would have been in the media for months. Anyway, the guys who murderded this innocent man must be brought to law.

      • Hard to believe this man survived one of the worst situations a group of ppl have been exposed to in the last hundred years just to be killed by some degenerates that needed some money…..survived Hitler, but not New York. NY should be very proud of their citizens.

  2. Ivan

    Like cockroaches, these vermin in human form serve no useful purpose in life. Unfortunately, in a free society, tragedies like this continue to happen.
    Such a horrible end to a brave man’s life! To have survived the most unimaginable horror of man’s inhumanity to man, he fell victim to more of the same.

  3. Hi, I am Rick Brinkman, the son of Felix Brinkman. The facts of my father’s life and survival of concentration camps that is being reported by news sources is inaccurate and understated. It is much more incredible and miraculous.
    I’ve spent the last few years recording my parents stories of survival on video and audio.

    Visit http://rickbrinkman.com/blog
    For stories of survival, photos, and video.

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