Murder suspects tied heavy victim’s body to car and dragged it four miles

By Calvin Palmer

Two murder suspects unable to lift the body of their victim into a car tied the corpse to the back of the vehicle and dragged it nearly four miles.

The badly mangled body was discovered last Friday in a ditch near Cotton Center, Lamb County, west Texas.

The identity of the victim has not been confirmed but is believed to be a housemate of the two men accused of murder.

Mickey Dale Birchfield, 51, and Bradford Stanley Halderman, 53, have been charged with homicide.

Authorities believe the three men lived together in a house near County Roads 272 and 317 in Lamb County.

Lamb County Sheriff Gary Maddox says the victim  was hit in the face numerous times with different objects and was dead before his ankles were bound with an air pressure hose. The body was then tied to the back of the man’s 1984 Mercedes-Benz and dragged 3.7 miles into Hale County, just west of FM 179.

Witnesses reportedly saw the body being dragged, and one woman reported to police that Birchfield admitted killing a man.

Maddox said the victim’s identity will likely be known today after the results of fingerprint analysis.

[Based on reports by the Plainview Daily Herald and Houston Chronicle.]

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