At least five killed as gunman opens fire in fitness club

By Calvin Palmer

At least five people were killed last night when a gunman walked into a suburban Pittsburgh health club and opened fire. Another 10 people were wounded.

Allegheny County Police Superintendent Charles Moffatt said the gunman did not say anything but walked into an exercise class at the LA Fitness Center, in Bridgeville, and started shooting.

The four people shot dead included the gunman.

A hospital reported that one other person also died.

Joann Gazzam was at the weekly Latin impact dance exercise class and said that a man came in through the glass double doors at the exercise room’s entrance. He walked to the back of the room near some weights and set down the bag, fumbling with it for a few minutes and came up with two guns and began shooting.

Gazzam said that several people appeared to be wounded, including the instructor, and that it was apparent that four people were dead and that the gunman had killed himself.

Gym member Lauren Dooley said she heard 12 to 15 shots.

Perry Calabro was playing racquetball inside and when the shooting began “everybody started running”.

UPMC Mercy Hospital says five critically injured women were taken there. Allegheny General Hospital said it has two women in fair condition with gunshot wounds.

St. Clair Hospital said one of the victims of the shooting died there. Spokesman Rich Sieber said the woman was shot in the chest. He says two other victims were taken to his hospital, both in stable condition.

[Based on a report by the Associated Press.]

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