Greek woman denies setting drunken Briton’s genitals on fire

By Calvin Palmer

The trial of the Greek woman who allegedly set fire to a Briton’s genitals after he groped her in a bar at a resort on the island of Crete has been adjourned until Monday.

Marina Fanouraki, 26, has been hailed a hero for dispensing rough justice on drunken Stuart Feltham, 20, of Swindon.

Feltham allegedly dropped his pants in the Electra bar in the resort of Malia, forcefully fondled her and asked her to take hold of his penis.

Fanouraki reacted to his lewd advances by drenching him with a glass of Sambuca but denies that she set Feltham alight.

Defense lawyer Nikos Maniadakis said: “He fondled my client’s breasts and buttocks, and she poured her drink over him and left.

“Shortly afterward she heard cries and saw her friends trying to extinguish him.”

Maniadakis said the trial in Iraklio had been adjourned until Monday to allow evidence to be presented on the nature of the Feltham’s injuries.

He is in a private clinic, in Heraklion, being treated for second-degree burns to his testicles and penis.

[Based on a report by the Press Association.]

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