Teenage girl charged with fatal stabbing after argument over milk

By Calvin Palmer

A 13-year-old Wisconsin girl did not cry over spilled milk but what she allegedly did resulted in an appearance at Milwaukee County Children’s Court today.

Labrina T. Brown, of Milwaukee, is accused of fatally stabbing her step-grandfather because he poured the milk for her cereal down the drain.

Authorities say a long-running feud erupted on Saturday afternoon when Brown poured herself a bowl of cereal and Robert A. Moon poured the last of a gallon of milk down the sink.

Brown swore at Moon and followed him out of the kitchen. She knocked a glass of milk from his hand, and when he turned around, she slashed his throat with a paring knife, according to a criminal complaint.

Moon, 48, died at the scene. The wound had severed his carotid artery.

A neighbor told police she saw Brown run out of the house, covered in blood, and yelling, “I told you! I told you!”

The neighbor asked Brown what she meant.

“I told you, I stabbed him!” Brown said. “I cut his throat! He’s dead.”

The neighbor told police Brown later said, “I’m not afraid to go to jail for this.”

Brown appeared in court on a charge of first-degree reckless homicide. She was held on a$150,000 cash bond.

Public defender Joy Sherard said the family’s history has required past intervention from county officials, but declined to elaborate.

[Based on reports by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Associated Press.]

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