Best Buy online ad offered 52-inch TV for $9.99

By Calvin Palmer

A 52-inch television on offer at just $9.99 (£6.05) looked like the bargain of the year but like most fantastic offers it turned out to be too good to be true.

Best Buy listed a 52-inch Samsung flat-screen television at a sale price of $9.99 on its Web site this morning.

In the digital age, news of bargains like that travels fast and the Internet buzzed with blogs and Twitters about this amazing deal.

By early afternoon, Best Buy had realized its mistake and the television was listed at its correct price of $1,799.99 (£1,090.99), nearly half off the original asking price of $3,399.99 (£2,060.76).

Best Buy, based in Richfield, Minnesota,issued a statement saying it had corrected an online pricing error and will not honor the incorrect price.

Orders made this morning at the incorrect price will be canceled and customers will receive refunds, the company said.

I am sure some consumer lawyer somewhere in the United States is relishing the prospect of challenging Best Buy’s decision under goods for sale legislation.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the Best Buy organization some employee, by now probably an ex-employee, received the mother of all rockets for his or her mistake.

[Based on a report by the Associated Press.]

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