Child sex monster gets 120 years in prison

By Calvin Palmer

A Pennsylvania man was sentenced to 120 years in prison today for assembling a vast collection of child pornography and the sexual abuse of children.

When the FBI arrested John Jackey Worman, 42, of Colwyn, in 2007, they found more than a million images of child pornography showing him sexually assaulting a dozen children, including infants at a girlfriend’s in-home day care.

Worman made girls in his care perform sex acts for school lunch money, and had a girlfriend’s son sleep in a locked wooden crate in his filthy basement for several years.

A teenager who had been abused for several years tipped off authorities, after watching an episode of Law & Order about child sexual abuse. She only then realized it had been wrong, Assistant U.S. Attorney Michelle Rotella said.

U.S. District Judge Lawrence F. Stengel described Worman as a psychopath who sponged off women and sadistically coerced his young victims.

Psychiatric tests conducted by the Bureau of Prisons revealed no mental-health diagnosis only that he is a pedophile with an anti-social personality disorder.

Worman described his childhood as a good one in which he was free to do as he liked. He told the medical staff he started using alcohol and marijuana at age 11, and dropped out of 10th grade.

He lived in his mother’s basement in Colwyn up to the age of 40, sometimes with a girlfriend’s three children — the woman herself never moved in. And he rigged hidden cameras at the home of another girlfriend, baby sitter Concetta Jackson.

Jackson, 46, of Collingdale, is in prison awaiting sentencing on one child-pornography count. Prosecutors say she procured some of the victims for Worman.

Ex-girlfriend Dorothy Prawdzik, 45, of Drexel Hill, was sentenced to 30 years in prison for undressing and posing young girls for Worman, and once holding the camera while he tried to rape an infant. Prawdzik also took part in a three-way sexual encounter with Worman and a 10-year-old girl.

The mother of one of the abused infants testified today, describing herself now as a tortured, overprotective parent. Her daughter does not remember the abuse. The mother says she cannot forget it.

“I cannot know what was going through your head while you were molesting my daughter. Was it a big joke as I pulled away each day?” she asked Worman, who stared blankly ahead.

Worman declined to make a statement in court but jurors heard that he told prison staff that he was at peace with everything he had done.

[Based on a report by the Associated Press.]

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