White supremacist nicknamed Hitler accused of attacking black man

By Calvin Palmer

A white supremacist appeared at a Baltimore court today after being arrested in connection with attacking a 76-year-old black man as he fished in a public park.

Calvin E. Lockner, 28, sports a tattoo of Adolf Hitler on his stomach with the words “He Lives” beneath it and his nickname is Hitler.

Supreme scum: Calvin Lockner. Picture courtesy of the Associated Press.

Supreme scum: Calvin Lockner. Picture courtesy of the Associated Press.

Lockner was ordered to be held without bail on a list of charges that include including attempted murder, carjacking and assault.

Prosecutors can seek tougher penalties under Maryland’s hate crime law.

Lockner told police that yesterday’s attack on James A. Privott “wouldn’t have happened if he was a white man”.

It probably would not have happened if Privott had been aged 25, 6ft 3in and 220 pounds. Lockner’s “supremacy” would have disappeared pretty quickly in that scenario. 

Lockner is a convicted sex offender and told police he was a member of two white supremacist groups, including the notorious prison gang – The Aryan Brotherhood.

Police documents show Lockner expressed remorse when arrested. He said: “I’m sorry I did it.”

Privott and his wife were fishing under the Francis Scott Key Bridge when Lockner and two other white men shouted racial slurs as they allegedly kicked him to the ground, punched him in the face and hit him with a baseball bat.

The men stole $19 from Privott’s wallet and drove off in his sport utility vehicle, which was equipped with a theft-monitoring device.

Police tracked down the vehicle, which overturned and crashed after the driver fled. The men ran off, but officers found Lockner with the help of a witness. The two other suspects have not been found.

Privott, of suburban Windsor Mill, suffered serious head trauma and lost two teeth and may have also broken an eye socket bone. His wife was not injured.

Mayor Sheila Dixon visited Privott in hospital yesterday. He told her about good fishing spots around the city and suggested the park he was attacked in may need better lighting and security.

“People should have the right to go out … fishing, relaxing, in a great park in the city,” Dixon said. “His family is understandably shaken from this and by the violence and what was said to him and what was done to him.”

It might be an idea to allow Lockner to meet the defense line of the Baltimore Ravens behind locked doors at the team’s locker room, where he can engage in a full and frank discussion about his white supremacy beliefs. It would prove an “interesting” debate and leave Lockner with a lasting impression, preferably from a set of cleats on a size 15 football boot.

[Based on a report by the Associated Press.]

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3 responses to “White supremacist nicknamed Hitler accused of attacking black man

  1. Sharon

    I totally agree with you. I know this person. Maybe too close for comfort. The 4 yr old he raped in 2000 was my grand daughter. Unfortunately she was his step-sister. How sick is that?? If you have any questions you can email me. I just needed to vent.

    • Stephanie

      I am doing a report on him. You think you can send me info on the case?

      • sharon

        I really don’t have info.. I only know what happened and I really don’t want all that brought back into light. Protecting my grand daughter is my first priority. It’s bad enough the media brings it all up and she has to hear it. If you have questions you can email them to me. If I feel I can answer I will.

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