Suspect arrested in shooting deaths of four people in Atlanta suburb

By Calvin Palmer

Police arrested a man this morning in connection with the shooting deaths of four people in a suburb of Atlanta.

Richard Ringold, 44, was arrested when he returned to the crime scene in the Claridge Crossing subdivision near Lawrenceville. A warrant for his arrest was issued last night.

Ringold has been charged with four counts of murder and one count of aggravated assault. He is being held at Gwinnett County jail.

Gwinnett Police say he fatally shot two women, a man and an 11-year-old girl. He also injured a four-year-old girl. It is believed he lived at the house and was the boyfriend of one of the women killed.

The victims have been identified as Atania Butler, 28; her 11-year-old daughter; 19-year-old Rico Zimmerman; and Lakeisha Parker, 30. The name of the 11-year-old and her four-year-old sister are being withheld.

Police were called to the house around 8:40 p.m. yesterday and the door was answered by the four-year-old girl. Her shirt was soaked in blood and she told officers her family was dead, according to a neighbor.

The girl was taken to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite, and underwent surgery for gunshot wounds.

One woman did manage to escape the carnage and call 911.

Police are still investigating the motive and circumstances.

[Based on reports by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Associated Press.]

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2 responses to “Suspect arrested in shooting deaths of four people in Atlanta suburb

  1. Arlethea Zimmerman

    Rico you were more than a little brother to me.You was a lover and a friend.I still sit up at night and think about you and why they took you away from me on August 27,2009…I miss you so much and I wish that I could see you again…COME HOME RICO PLEASE…TEARS I CAN’T SEEM TO RUN AND HIDE FROM THE PAIN THAT I WAS LEFT WITH…THIS IS THE WORST THING THAT’VE EVER HAPPENED TO ME…I LOVE YOU RICO T. ZIMMERMAN!

  2. Shavoyia Davis

    I Miss Rico Zimmerman like Hell He has 2 Sons 1 was 1yrs old When he pass and I was 5mths Pregnant.. They Are Now 4 and 2 and don’t even believe me when I say the have a father.. rico I miss u so much just as u left today.. and it still hurts like the day I got the call..your always in my heart.. and forever in my heart u will live never will u be forgotton… tanya.. jhanae.. I can’t believe it..y’all were angels on earth as is in heaven.. look over me and my fam.. and most importantly najae… I know she hurts.. I love y’all forever..

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