‘Severe outage’ affects millions of Gmail users

By Calvin Palmer

If your Gmail, like mine, was unable to connect to the Internet this afternoon it was due to a severe outage, according to Google Inc.

The cause of the disruption was not immediately clear.

David Besbris, Engineering Director of Google, apologised for the inconvenience on the official Gmail blog.

“We know many of you are having trouble accessing Gmail right now – we are too, and we definitely feel your pain,” he wrote.

“Because this is impacting so many of you, we wanted to let you know we’re currently looking into the issue and hope to have more info to share here shortly.

“We’re terribly sorry for the inconvenience and will get Gmail back up and running as soon as possible.”

The problem first arose yesterday when a “small subset” of users were affected. By this afternoon the outage was affecting “a majority of users”.

Google restored the service to some users. Mine came back on about an hour later. The company said it expected to have the problem fixed later today.

[Based on reports by the Associated Press and The Daily Telegraph.]

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