‘Honeytrap’ girl and ex-boyfriend’s gang jailed for brutal murder of teenage boy

By Calvin Palmer

A teenage girl who acted as a “honeytrap”, luring a love-struck 16-year-old to his death at the hands of a gang led by her ex-boyfriend was sentenced to a minimum of 10 years in prison today.

Samantha Joseph, 17, led Shakilus Townsend into an ambush in a quiet cul-de-sac in Thornton Heath, south London, in July last year, where he was beaten with baseball bats and stabbed six times.

Joseph, who was 15 at the time, laughed as they caught up with him, walking away as the gang began their brutal assault.

Her older boyfriend, Danny McLean, plunged a knife into Shakilus’s chest, raking it across his liver before twisting the blade.

Joseph, and McLean, 18, from Thornton Heath, were found guilty of murder alongside five other youths in July.

They were all given life terms as Shakilus’s mother wept at the back of the court.

Nicola Dyer, 34, said in a statement read to the court by a lawyer: “The reality that these young people with no souls had such a disregard for life that they deliberately conspired to use manipulation to cause nothing short of destruction is absolutely soul-destroying for me.

“They should never again be allowed to destroy another family. I may forgive them one day, but not today.”

McLean was ordered to serve a minimum 15 years’ detention. Andre Thompson, 17, from Norwood, south east London, was given a minimum 14-year term.

Former public schoolboy and London Irish rugby player Andre Johnson-Haynes, 18, from Croydon, south London, brothers Tyrell Ellis, 19, and Don-Carlos Ellis, 18, of Thornton Heath, together with Michael Akinfenwa, 18, from Norwood, were given minimum sentences of 12 years.

[Based on reports by The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph.]

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2 responses to “‘Honeytrap’ girl and ex-boyfriend’s gang jailed for brutal murder of teenage boy

  1. jay

    Take a look at Guvna Bs page. Hes an upcoming gospel/christian rapper!

    lets promote the positive young people instead of the negative.


  2. Glen P

    I’d rather have a knife scrape my liver than listen to a gospel/christian rapper.

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